Sport in the community

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Menston Cricket Club (‘the Club’) would use the funding to replace its pavilion roof and also extend its pavilion to create a tea room / community area.

The pavilion is formerly a farmhouse, which has stood at the site for over 100 years; significant alterations were made in 1958, including repairs to the slate roof. The roof of the pavilion is 'bowed' and is in urgent need of replacement. Also, whilst there are no leeks currently, some roof tiles have fallen off and it is only a matter of time before rain water makes its way through to the changing rooms and ‘club room’ below.

The size of the pavilion’s ‘club room’ is becoming inadequate for accommodating Club members and their guests on match days (for both senior and junior teams) and practice evenings (for junior teams). This is due to the recent increase in membership numbers as a result of the huge efforts of committee members and the infectious enthusiasm of junior coaches to promote greater participation in cricket at Menston. For example, the Club actively ran four teams in the ‘under 9s’ age group during 2016 including, for the very first time, an all-girls team.

In recent years, more people have taken an interest in using the Club’s facilities – examples from within the local community include ‘Mighty Chefs’ who teach children how to cook and ‘ProSkills’ who have used the Club’s facilities during school holidays to coach children sports skills. In addition, the Club has hosted an ‘Open Day’ on the Spring Bank Holiday of the last 2 years – this community event has been amazing to see, with hundreds of people of all ages taking part in a range of fun activities at the cricket ground. A couple of the photos from the 2016 Open Day are attached to this project submission and illustrate the popularity of the day.

The Club would like to sustain, and build on, the recent level of engagement shown from the local community. In order to do this, the Club believes that it now needs to offer a larger indoor area (via a new tea room / community area), to help support the expansion of junior cricket teams and provide facilities that can better accommodate community use. Indeed, one local councillor has stated that: “Menston Cricket Club is already working at the heart of the community, but this facility would enable it to extend its reach and impact considerably.”

The Club estimates that up to 500 people (the sum of Club members and community users) would benefit from a replacement pavilion roof and extension. Examples of future community users include local businesses, who could use the community area as a meeting space (there are over 30 small businesses in the village who are members of the Menston Business Association), the local St. John’s Scout Group (which could use the cricket club pavilion as an alternative venue for cubs nights) and the nomadic Menston Junior Football Club (which is planning to use the cricket ground and pavilion during the winter months).

A schematic of the proposed extension is included as part of this project submission, together with photos of the pavilion as it stands now. The ‘front view’ of the pavilion shows the ‘bowed’ nature of the roof and the state of the tiles. The ‘side view’ of the pavilion shows the area where the proposed new extension would be built.

A new pavilion roof and extended pavilion would have a long lasting impact on the Club’s future prospects and also the community it serves. The Club’s committee has already worked hard in the last 18 months (following years of prior neglect) to solve a severe drainage problem, improve its shower and toilet facilities and enhance its cricket playing area.

Now is the time for the next phase of development during 2017, which would be of benefit to the wider community. The Club is well placed to use its volunteer base to support and deliver this project (which would not require funding from any other source).

Menston Cricket Club

Moment of Pride

We are immensely proud to offer opportunities to get involved with a grass roots sports club. We are a very welcoming club, actively encourage people to take part and promote a positive environment for enjoying the game of cricket. Our project seeks to build tighter links with the local community.

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