Environment in association with the Mirror

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We the community would like to spend 3 days planting Woodland bulbs in the Triangle Adventure Playground. The Playground is a green wooded and semi-wild area in inner city London just half a mile from Westminster. We have 774 active users of the playground from very diverse backgrounds, most of whom do not have access to gardens. Children love digging holes and so we would like to get them outside digging holes over 3 days to plant woodland builds under the trees to improve the biodiversity of the Triangle. The Triangle is open everyday after school and every weekday during the holidays to the public so the whole community will benefit from the beautiful bulbs during the year, the children and parents will enjoy the event and the wildlife especially bees will benefit from the improved bio diversity.

Triangle Adventure Playground Association

Location: London

We all love the Triangle. It is the oldest adventure playground site in London established in 1957 it is inner city yet green almost wild and wooded and provides free yet supervised play for local children ages 6-18.
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