Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


This would be a community event on 19 July 2017 for everyone on and around Coton Park to join in. This will include entertainers, food, bouncy castles, games and activities for all the community to enjoy. Each year, as we have got more experienced, we have tried to make this event bigger and endeavour to make it better and more inclusive. In 2017, as well as the activities for children, we want to include more adult and older children activities, as feedback from previous events indicates this is what our residents would like to see added to our event.

A £1,000 grant would completely cover the cost of this community event, as it covers our insurance, bouncy castle, entertainer as well as activities for adults at the event. The food and drink is self-financing. However, if we did not receive the grant, it is highly probable this event would not happen.

The feel good factor from our events are amazing and we are keen to grow this event to reflect the different populations on Coton Park, where we have everything from 1 bedroom apartments with professionals, to small family homes and affordable housing, through to executive detached properties. There are over 1200 properties on Coton Park and we want to make sure our event reflects the diverse population, whilst making people feel part of a community - as we are the size of a village.

Coton Park Residents Association

Moment of Pride

This voluntary organisation has been running for 9 years and somehow we always manage to put on a range of great events for the whole range of the population of Coton Park, Rugby, despite all being volunteers with jobs and families, freely giving up our weekends and evenings to organise things.

Location: Rugby