Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Our idea is a simple yet ambitious project to help transform the lives of the whole community of Barrow Hill and surrounding villages of Staveley in Derbyshire.
We know it take a village to raise the next generation. We know that great communities start and end with happy and healthy children and their families. We require £20k to fund essential structural repairs to the roof.
Barrow Hill is located 5 miles from Chesterfield in Derbyshire. It is home to an unusual memorial to World War One, the Barrow Hill Memorial Club. The village itself had been built as housing for workers at the Staveley Coal and Iron Company. Many of them went off to war, 56 of them never to return. This changed the lives of the community forever.
Barrow Hill Memorial Club was originally built as a Workmen’s Dining Hall, the first community building of it’s kind in the Midlands. Businessman Richard Barrow provided the hall for his staff to dine, entertain visitors to the works and host special village and works events.
Evening classes, lectures and instructive reading workshops were held in the building, designed to improve the miner’s skills and minds. By the 1890’s, the range of events and activities had widened and included annual dinners and balls, tea and dance evenings, bazaars, public meetings and much more.
Charles Markham, donated the workman’s hall in 1920, suggesting it would help alleviate the suffering of so many bereaved local people following the War. The hall was gifted to local people as a nucleus of a Peace Hall, and a deed of trust put in place to govern the space, a deed still in place today. The purpose of the building was entrusted to “be used the advantage or benefit of the inhabitants of Barrow Hill”.
The building has been identified as a heritage asset in the Barrow Hill Conservation area. It has been extended significantly over the years to meet the ever changing needs of the village, the scene of local events and family celebrations, the meeting place of local community groups and societies, the home of sports clubs, the provider of entertainment and much more. It continues to serve the community over 150 years since it was built, and 100 years after it was gifted to the people.
Barrow Hill Memorial Club still serves the community today but is in great need of repair and development to help transform the local lives of a community still mourning a lost generation, more recently to the closures of local mining and steel industry businesses.
Community Interest Company, Community Growth, launched in 2016 and is based in the hall. Working with the current Trustees we have been gifted the opportunity to help manage the transformation of the space, restore its historical beauty and relaunch the hall as a Cultural Community Hub, managed by, with and for the local community.
Our mission is to relaunch the space with high quality resources and a programme of services and support to help nurture this community in mind, body and spirit to take action for themselves and their lives.
This new Hub and the education partnership that supports it, aims to expand the horizons, raise aspirations and create new opportunities for children, young people and the wider community, particularly in the field of arts, culture, engineering, enterprise and heritage-based skills. The Hub will support of community and children to excel and achieve together, to achieve their potential. As individuals all generations, no matter what their starting point will be able to access specialist support and services.
The Memorial Hall is in a poor state of repair. This proposal seeks support from the Aviva Community Fund to raise the roof on this ambitious project. As a community building, dependent on resources to undertake this work, this project will require developments over time. Local businesses and politicians are backing our vision for the space, with local sponsors and donors keen to support our campaign for change with the whole community.

Community Growth

Moment of Pride

This is far more than a renovation project. We take pride in our heritage, this building, our community. It remains in the hearts of us all. Our growing band of volunteers drive this project with their passion to breath life back into a space fit to steer this community for generations to come.

Location: Barrow Hill