Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In response to gaps identified from a pilot project, thorough research with local organisations & consultation with service users, Happy Hearts will be a project to engage older isolated people in enriching, energising activities.
The project will comprise of;
24 sessions in a minimum of 4 care homes, reaching 280 older people.
Favourite activities from our pilot sessions include giant kerplunk, table tennis & giant badminton.
12 health walks reaching a minimum of 40 older people.
Favourite places from previous visits include Moorlands Discovery Centre, Hathersage & Castleton.
12 creative reminiscence sessions reaching 40 older people taking place within our existing group. We welcome new members.
Topics will include, My beginnings, School days & Holidays.The sessions will be led by an experienced facilitator.
12 week programme of craft reaching 20 older less able bodied people.
Activities such as pot painting and build a bear.
24 healthy lifestyle sessions reaching 40 older people including cultural dance, cooking for a healthy lifestyle, gym visits & chairobics.
People should vote for our project because we are passionate about participation & guarantee all activities are planned in response to identified need & service user feedback. We have run successful pilot projects & done extensive consultation. We are experts in engaging isolated, disengaged people & ensuring their voices are heard & acted upon. Staff are part of the Dementia champions movement that lead training on how to accommodate those with specific dementia needs. All our services are well attended because people want them & see a positive difference from them. We have shared our plans for this application at Broomhall Group of Groups & invited those attending to 3 planning meetings to ensure no cross over & with an aim to work together for the good of the community.
We will work & liaise with the following people & organisations; Carrie Twist (Reminiscence facilitator), Broomhall Centre, Hallamshire Care Home, Knowle Hill Care Home, Churches Together Broomhill & Broomhall, Activity Sheffield, Sheffield Refugee Forum, Unity Gym, Sheffield Hallam & Sheffield University. Mutual benefits will include working together to reach out to the most marginalised, sharing knowledge, skills & potentially resources.

Residents in care homes who no longer have family & receive very few or no visitors, older people with dementia, limited mobility, are socially disengaged, lonely, living with depression, BAME older people & older people with learning difficulties.
Through our pilot project we learnt that many residents had no family & only occasional visitors, the staff themselves do not have the capacity to plan & deliver activities that bring about the outcomes we achieved. For example, an 88 year old man who doesn’t talk & struggles to walk without support showed an interest in playing table tennis. At first, he wasn’t sure how to hold the bat or where to stand. After being gently guided, a member of staff took a first gentle shot only for the ball to be returned at great speed & with great skill showing a passion for the sport. The rally went on for some time!
It is well documented that fresh air & exercise improves mood, mental wellbeing & physical health. NHS live well guidelines state that people over 65 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity.
South Yorkshire Housing ‘Age Better’ programme reported that social isolation doubles the risk of dementia & triples the risk of heart disease.They also reported there are 177,000 people living in Sheffield over 50 and 16,000 of those are isolated. In a recent article in a tabloid paper Alex Haslam, Professor of Social Psychology reported that money should be invested into groups for older people with reminiscence activities as the benefits outweigh those of medication alone.

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Moment of Pride

We are proud of our community because we see resilience & tenacity every day, we see people face hardship. We are proud of this user led project. It will make vulnerable isolated older people, physically & mentally healthier & happier! Buzz is a positive & responsive organisation.

Location: Sheffield