Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are looking to enable the most disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in our community, the Special Needs pupils at Blackfriars to have fun and engage actively with the world and community around them.
The young people at Blackfriars are in desperate need of sensory and specialist play equipment so they can enjoy break times as any other child would. Some children have such profound difficulties, that specialised learning and play equipment is one of the few ways they can interact with the rest of the world!
An outdoor sensory space with specially adapted equipment for each learner could enable each child to discover their true potential and really thrive.

We are looking to create a safe outdoor space where children can explore their surroundings and fully enjoy the time they have at school. This space will be a breakout area for the most vulnerable and those who require time to settle and calm after difficulties in class.

We would also like to purchase specialist equipment that will support the sensory and physical needs of pupils that cannot access ordinary play equipment, at home or available on the high street. This will enrich and enhance the lives of pupils who are either totally or partially dependent on others for stimulation and support. It will mean that these amazing pupils, who have already overcome so much, will be able to relax and enjoy playtime, having a knock-on effect on their learning in other areas of the curriculum.
Happy, supported and engaged pupils will then be released to be able to achieve and succeed in other lessons they are engaged in. As is the motto of the trust we are part of; 'We believe [They], you achieve' And with support and fully adaptable equipment all of our pupils will reach their full potential.

Blackfriars Academy

Location: Newcastle-under-Lyme District, United Kingdom

Our pupils are the strongest, bravest, hardest working and most delightful young people I have the privilege to work with, they only need a little support, and the chance to play like other children to achieve like anyone else.
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