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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are Newcastle Roller Girls. We play a fast paced, full contact sport on roller skates – roller derby.
Roller derby is one of the fastest growing grass root sports in the UK. Recognised by the British Roller Sport Federation in 2011 and currently being considered for 2020 Olympics. The first world cup took place in 2011 and in the same year Newcastle created and hosted the Men’s European Cup, which is still going strong and will host its 4th event this year.
Our league began in July 2009. Since then we have grown to include 3 teams - ‘Canny Belters’ (A), ‘Whippin Hinnies’ (B) and due to high demand, recently developed ‘North Cs’ (C). We have 65 skating members aged 18 to 40+ (there’s no upper age limit!) and many others involved in officiating, refereeing or volunteering. We are investing in our future by developing a junior league. Around 30-40 junior skaters aged 8-17 are coached by our volunteers every week– most juniors are local school children.
Roller derby is special because it is entirely home grown - no one is paid in roller derby. We’re a non-profit organisation run by our skaters for the love of roller derby. Every aspect – training sessions, home games, away games, fundraising events - happen because the league members make them happen. Roller derby is proudly inclusive and due to its diversity attracts a huge demographic.
Our A team has worked especially hard in the last 18 months setting sights on climbing ‘WFTDA’ world rankings. With success so far by jumping 65 places to 78th! Alongside this, after their first ever season in the premier tier, they won gold in the British Champs 2016 - a huge accolade.
Roller derby stemmed from America, becoming popular from 2001. Due to their experience, American teams dominate the world rankings. However, UK and European teams are hot on their heels. In order to continue with current success and boost UK teams up the rankings, we need to continue to play high ranking teams, most of which are in America or Europe.
Project Title: International Tournament in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Our project proposal is to host our own 3 day international tournament at our home venue, Walker Activity Dome in March 2017. Walker is one of the most deprived areas in the UK but through this tournament we feel we can bring a greater sense of community spirit, reduce social barriers by increasing positivity and put Walker on the map.
We already have a strong community presence; our skaters are local and we support the local community and economy by sourcing as much as we can - from printing t-shirts and programmes to buying bananas for game days.
The tournament level would be high profile; the 8-10 teams we would like to invite will generate a high level of interest, attracting fans – old and new - from Walker, UK and Europe. Our venue, ‘The Dome’ has already proven itself to be an ideal venue through the annual Men’s European Cup, so we know that we have the capacity to host. A large scale event like this could bring up to 1000 visitors, boosting local economy as well as fundraising (ticket sales and merchandise) for the league, making our league more sustainable.
We would like to apply for £5000 to host this tournament. Breakdown: Venue hire £3000. To stay safe we need medics at £1500. Programmes and catering £500.
We are confident that hosting such an important event within Walker, we can bring visitors, money and a greater awareness of a grass roots sport in the local community.

Newcastle Roller Girls

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

We are proud of every individual involved with our organisation as they volunteer their own time to develop our small, diverse league. We’d be honoured to host this tournament - we have the capacity to make it successful and there has never been one like this in the UK before.
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