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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

Submitted by: Cobine Carmelson Ltd


Please vote for our project!!

We humbly ask for support from the Aviva Community Trust to help us to pay for urgent roof repairs to our theatre, which is part of Phase One of a Two phased scheme of building repair and refurbishment.

Young Actors Theatre Islington is a community theatre, with a drama school and agency combined. YATI is successful at working with children and young people aged 3-24 years old. With over 700 children and young people in weekly attendance, we are possibly the largest independent performing arts community in North London. YATI offer an inspiring and open approach to performing arts education, providing a safe space, where young people can drop their guard and be themselves, and allow others to be themselves.

Around 75% of our current membership comes from the boroughs of Hackney and Islington, the 3rd and 11th most deprived boroughs in England. We work in partnership with Islington Council, Family Action, IMECE Women’s Centre and the Parent House initiative 'Families First' protecting children from domestic violence, and homeless families. Recent cuts to youth and community services mean the number of public spaces available where young people feel safe is limited, despite the unfortunate high levels of youth violence and knife crime in the borough.

Our student council has expressed a need for several areas of the building that desperately needing improvement. YATI are a charity that promises to listen to its young people and strives to do its best for them. Our theatre building is an Edwardian school house, dating back to 1904, and it requires ongoing repairs.

Primarily, there are critical building repairs that are needed to bring the existing premises up to a basic level of maintenance. There is significant concern over damage to the public spaces of the building at present. At its worst point, during the rainstorms of July we had flooding in the basement space of about 100 litres of rainwater.

Secondly there are public spaces which need refurbishment. The student council have requested the dressing rooms, basement space and backstage areas to be brought to life!
With so many concerns to address, the Love our Theatre project has been split into Two Phases, to address the greatest need and to split the costs into more manageable stages over the next one and a half years.
Phase One- Immediate Repairs needed
Phase One aims to repair and refurbish the public spaces to ensure that day to day operations continue. Repairs are pressing and affect our current provision of space hire, and running of our core classes.

1. Roof repair
There is a need to re-roof and refurbish the basement space for external hires. Recently the space was flooded by over 100 litres of rain water due to damaged drainage, and old roofing materials above the basement.
The second floor offices have large cracks in the ceiling which need investigating for damp and leaks.

PhaseTwo- Refurbishment needed

2. Refurb of Basement Space
The basement space is in need of the small, derelict kitchen unit being pulled out and replaced. This creates the possibility of offering a comfortable drinks serving space.
3. Refurb of Basement Toilets
The male and female toilets are very cold and they feel like you are using a Victorian outhouse. They are in need of refurbishing with vintage furniture, and new doors.
4. Refurb of Backstage Dressing Rooms
There is a need to create backstage dressing rooms with the introduction of dressing tables, mirrors and audio loop from the sound desk. This fulfils our values of being ‘passionate’ about our building and ‘enabling’ young actors to learn how to use a technically equipped theatre environment.

Please vote to support our project as it will not only improve the facility for over 700 young people, it will empower young people; that they have a voice that can affect change and improvements. They have the power to drive their own community forward as a whole.

Young Actors Theatre Islington

Location: London

With over 700 students, YATI are possibly the largest dramatic arts community in North London."There’s a magic to YATI, it’s in the building, in its history. We feel very lucky that we’ve been embraced by the family of people that work here & organise it. We feel part of something special" -YATI mum
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