Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


In 1965 Rockfield Studios opened and as a result recent Monmouth history is filled with music. It is unsure exactly when the first Monmouth Festival was held but 2017 is the 35th year it will be held in the current form. The Festival provides a professional multi-genre music festival experience for all incomes as it is free at source. The Festival showcases a mixture of renowned professional performers, up and coming artists and local talented musicians. For many performers the Festival is often their first opportunity to play first-rate performance venues. The Festival attracts thousands of visitors each year raising the profile of both the town and local businesses and increasing both real and potential revenue generation. The Festival also promotes and contributes to the sense of community pride bringing the people of Monmouth together; forging relationships to create, take part in and enjoy this unique event.

Monmouth Festival is primarily funded by donations, sponsorship and advertising revenue but this type of funding has limitations and restricts the way the organisation is run. As a volunteer run organisation time is also limited. It is difficult to plan strategically, develop organisational strategies and resources or guarantee the continuation and future of the Festival.

An Aviva grant would enable Monmouth Festival to reach a wider audience; build upon and sustain a stronger online presence; invest in more practical skills and equipment; create better functioning management structures; establish better links with other organisations and partnerships, consult and hire experts when required.

Monmouth Festival would be able to create resources and opportunities and make a discernible difference to the local community. It would provide work experience for all ages during the event in music technology, lighting, filming photography, managing the back stage area, organising performers and crew. Prior to the event experience would be gained in project planning and managing, obtaining the necessary licences and permissions, liaising with local authorities and other businesses. The importance of Marketing and PR would be understood and skills obtained through creating press releases, blogs and posting to Social Media. It would be able to increase the number of joint projects with schools and other community organisations.
Monmouth Festival would be able to invest time and money in promoting not only the Festival but Monmouth itself and play an important role in the destination development of the town. We would be able to create a more structured and systematic approach in the way that the Festival is run making more efficient and effective.

With a substantial investment, all of the above would be possible as the Festival would have sufficient funds in place to pre-plan, pre-book and build year on year investing monies raised in improving and securing future festivals

Monmouth Music Festival Ltd

Moment of Pride

We are so proud that the community of Monouth, a small traditional county town with a population of 10,000, has for the last 34 years staged what is considered to be one of the longest running, largest and best free volunteer organised festivals in Europe.

Location: Monmouth