Sport in the community

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000

Submitted by: Howgate Insurance Brokers Ltd


The specific project requiring community funding is for an enclosed practice area for cricket including a two bay cage and appropriate artificial surfaces. There are no practice facilities at the club which is a significant problem.
The club are anxious to improve existing turfed practice areas to ensure they are more regularly available in bad weather, that they are not so susceptible to wear and tear, the surfaces are of a higher standard and above all enclosed and safer for all.
Better development of youth cricket is now being held up simply because practice areas are limited to open ground. Progress to hard ball cricket is severely curtailed.
The initiative to operate “Cricket for All” has also been halted.
Linden Bridge School have attempted to use local park facilities but with poor experience in several cases receiving abuse from able bodied users. Cricket practices for the school continue but an enclosed area with safe surfaces is vital if this is to continue.
The Wandgas Sports & Social Club Ltd has re financed to raise money for this next stage. The total cost is £40,000 of which we have raised just over £20,000. Application is in process for a grant of £5,000 from the Surrey Cricket Trust.
This project will allow us to expand local community youth cricket, offer an all weather reliable cricket facility for Linden Bridge School and will allow us to establish “Cricket For All”. The project will enable greater participation in sport by local young people of all abilities offering a safe and secure practice area.

The Wandgas Sports & Social Club

Location: Worcester Park

Offering our facilities free to local schools a long terms relationship with neighbouring Linden Bridge School (for autistic young people) has led to a formal partnership with the school helping to develop all weather enclosed safe areas for sport participation at Wandgas for the school.
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