Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Team Oasis has a great reputation for delivering a raft of totally inclusive activities for all children/young people and families of all abilities. It is quite amazing what we achieve with relatively little support. We do value the importance of holidays to families, especially respite holidays for those youn people and families that find themselves suffering extreme hardship with no means to escape for a few days to gather themselves, compose thmeselves, think straight and prepare for their future. Team Oasis does try to help with little camping days and these are really appreciated but we would love to be able to do more especially for those families most hardest hit by poverty or very sad news such as losing a loved one, maybe even a child to cancer. To this end we would love to purchase a caravan and have it sited on a camp in Wirral, Cheshire or North Wales, somewhere reasonably close to Liverpool but with beauty and serenity. Most caravan sites would operate for almost 11 months each year and owning a caravan on a site would afford Team Oasuis to offer holidays to young people and families virtually all year round and particularly for those families struck down by terrible news. A respite holiday in such circumstances would allow those families an opportunity to gather, share their grief privately and somehow find the strength to return home to face their future together. Personally, I honestly dont think that one can underestimate the value of private respite times in such circumstances. I can say this from personal experience having lost my young sister and no such respite opportunities existed back in those days but looking back how important it would have been for me and my parents and brother. So this app is seeking £25000 in order to purchase an 8 berth caraavan and have it sited on a North Wales/North West England caravan site. Future site fees and maintenance etc would be met by Team Oasis Children's Charity.

Team Oasis

Moment of Pride

This project is led from the heart. The team involved in Team Oasis are the most dedicated bunch. Ask anybody locally and they will tell you that it is an amazing charity delivering totally inclusive dance, drama, music, sports, after school clubs, holiday clubs, day trips, camping and load more.

Location: L8 4RN Dingle, Toxteth, Liverpool.