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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


What do Oxford Baby Cafés do?

Oxford Baby Cafés provide open, free and non-judgmental breastfeeding support to women in Oxford every day of the week. For mums who choose to breastfeed, Baby Café is a lifeline – giving a place to come for expert breastfeeding help from Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and support from other local mums.

In March 2016 all of our funding was cut by the Council, and we are now relying solely on our reserves and the amazing generosity of service users. But without your help through the Aviva Community Fund, we will soon run out of money and won’t be able to keep helping almost 1200 Oxfordshire families each year, as we have for the last 11 years. This is a community and health crisis in the county, as Baby Café is now the only specialist feeding support for babies over 6 weeks old.

Why is what we do important?

Specialist help: Our specialist Lactation Consultants are highly trained to provide support for complex breastfeeding issues.

Mother-to-mother support: Support from other parents can help women through those difficult early weeks with a new baby. Baby Café means there is always somewhere to go for help if you’re struggling to feed your new baby, or just looking to make friends.

A community hub: Baby Cafés happen in the heart of the community and are local, open and free to everyone. We also work hard to reach out to young parents and asylum seekers who may find it difficult to use regular health services.

Positive mental health: When women are encouraged to breastfeed and given proper support, we know this can prevent postnatal depression. Women should be able to breastfeed for as long as they choose to, and stopping breastfeeding should never be simply because they can’t get good support.

There’s nowhere else: we are the only specialist community breastfeeding support in the county for babies over 6 weeks old.


It costs only £17 per visit to Baby Café, which makes it an incredibly cost-effective way to make a huge difference to families and public health. Our entire budget per year is only £53,000, which pays for five Baby Cafés each week, including all the administration costs that come with the project.

The generous donations we have received so far will keep us going until March 2017, but we need your help to continue this essential service.

Money from the Aviva Community Fund would mean Baby Café could keep providing vital help to families in Oxford and give us time to secure more funding in the future so this service isn’t lost forever.

How You Can Help

£25,000 would fund five weekly 2-hour support groups for six months.

£10,000 funds one weekly 2-hour support group for one year.

£5,000 funds one weekly 2-hour support group for six months.

£1,000 buys one hospital grade breast pump.

£215 pays for one Baby Café session.

£50 funds one family to attend Baby Café for a whole year.

£17 pays for one visit to Baby Café

Oxford Baby Cafes Group

Location: Oxford

Every woman who comes to Oxford Baby Cafe leaves feeling better in some way. Seeing women who were in tears, doubting themselves, come back feeding their babies with confidence, able to support & comfort their peers in turn is inspiring & testament to the care & skill of the facilitators.
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