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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Newport Chinese Community Centre existed from May 2003, and have been serving the local Chinese community across South Wales since then, a large percentage of such people are elderlies.

Their main objective is to bridge the gap between local Chinese people and the indigenous community, a gap that existed mainly due to language barrier and cultural differences.

Over the past 10 years, technology has risen to popularity, younger generations tend to embrace such technologies, whilst older people are finding it difficult to keep up.

With the local Chinese elderlies living in South Wales, a lot of their children have moved away from home, and despite many those children willing to pay for the costs for their elderly parents to use the latest technologies, they are unable to teach them in person how to use them.

With the £1000 funding, the Newport Chinese Community Centre can use it to employ tutors and set up digital inclusion classes in various places across South Wales to teach elderly Chinese people how to use smartphones and tablets, in their preferred language.

Newport Chinese Community Centre previously did a similar project back in 2014 to great success and popularity amongst the participants who benefited from the classes, however, due to lack of funding available at that time, only limited classes could be held, as a result not all people who have shown interested in taking part were given a place to take part.

This new project will aim to include the ones who missed out three years ago, as well as including the latest technologies that only came to this world over the past three years.

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Newport Chinese Community Centre`

Moment of Pride

Since the existence of the Newport Chinese Community Centre in May 2003, it has served hundreds of Chinese people every year, helping them overcome language and cultural barriers. People faced problems in health, education, benefits, immigration etc. were given a huge helping hand by the NCCC.

Location: Newport