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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Self harm is not an easy issue to talk about, but that doesn't make it go away. We strongly that by tackling the issue head on and as well as talking about our emotional wellbeing and how important it is we can make a difference to a wide range of young people. We will focus on support and equally importantly prevention. We can help a young person talk about their self harm for the first time or start to think about stopping; and we can offer the ability to understand emotions which gives every young person the best chance of never starting to use self harm at all.We offer a range of support around self-harm for young people and for schools and the aim of this project is to bring these resources together in a coherent package to pilot work addressing the key findings of recent research which show self-harm in schools is on the rise and staff don't feel adequately equipped to support pupils.

Self-harm is a common and growing problem; it is also the strongest predictor of eventual death by suicide in adolescence, increasing the risk up to ten-fold. Around 10% of adolescents will have self-harmed by the time they finish school . Research carried out by the four universities in the South West demonstrate that self-harm is a key issue in schools, but that staff cited inadequate training (81%) and lack of resources (74%) as a barrier to tackling the issue. In addition, Cello Group and Young Minds research found that 97% of young people believe that self-harm should be addressed in school.

Project Outline:
The project will tackle the pressing issue of self-harm in schools from a number of different angles by
• working with 5 secondary schools in Bristol and the South West, identified through their current high usage of our support materials, services and training
• Training staff to enable them to respond appropriately and consistently, understand the factors that can lead to self harm and how to offer preventative support and how to look after their own wellbeing at the same time
• Providing student workshops to students of different age groups to raise awareness and understanding of emotional wellbeing and equip them with a range of tools for coping with difficult emotions/situations
• Providing online and paper self-help materials such as mood trackers, distractions and creative writing ideas
• Providing out of hours text and phone service for crises and ongoing support for students, friends and families
• Running school policy workshops with staff and students to write and/or review a school wide self harm policy specifically in relation to safeguarding and communication with home which are the key issues raised in training that we run
• Running evaluation and feedback workshops –both anonymous and face to face to gather project feedback and suggestions for improvement
• Developing and publishing resources created during the project through arts workshops and developing a pack for other schools to use in the future based on the successes and learning from the project

Project Outputs:
We aim to:
• Train around 50 staff in a range of roles (teaching/tutors and pastoral) from 5 different secondary schools in both rural and urban areas
• Run a range of emotional wellbeing workshops across years 7-11 (we will be guided by schools about which age groups would benefit the most)
• Offer/promote self-help materials and support services to all students and signpost them to other support services
• Run policy workshops with 5 staff and 5 students in each school ( around 50 in total) so that the school will have a policy that has the best chance of being useful
• Run 5 feedback workshops to find out what students and staff liked and didn't like about the project and what could be done better if it happened again
• Review current self-help materials on our website and create new materials as designed by students and staff

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We are a small national charity where much of the work is done by dedicated and specially trained volunteers. We're willing to talk about the things that others often aren't, we won't judge anyone and we will always listen.

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