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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The British Deaf History Society (BDHS) celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2018.

To celebrate this, it is intended to:
a) Research Deaf people who have made significant contributions to history;
b) Organise at least two workshops/seminars of members of deaf communities to bring together people who can contribute to the project by exploring their memories and seeking their views and form a research team;
c) The research team will need to access the range of books and records in the following archives and libraries (i) the AoHL Library in the University College of London; (ii) the BDHS's own Deaf Museum & Art Gallery in Warrington; (iii) the British Deaf Association's past HLF-funded projects such as "Power In Our Hands" & the Deaf Photo Archive; (iv) other completed projects such as Deafway's Sign Voices project.

Following the research period, there will be at least one further workshop/seminar to decide on the outcomes of the research. These are likely to result in:
* The publication of a book that gives a permanent record of achievements of Deaf people and their communities;
* A Special Exhibition (or a series of exhibitions) to be held within the Deaf Museum & Art Gallery that will showcase these achievements of Deaf people and their communities;
* A special celebration at a public venue which will include the launch of the book and a temporary display of some of the items that have been chosen to showcase them in the Deaf Museum & Art Gallery.

Note: both the book and the items to be showcased in the Deaf Museum will have QR (Quick Reader) symbols that can be accessed through modern technology such as smartphones, iPads and the like.

Following the book launch, the book will be available to the wider audience at a small charge.

The project will involve volunteers from within the Deaf Community led by a project worker. The main group of volunteers are likely to be members of the Deaf Museum & Art Gallery Curatorial Team or from the general membership group of the BDHS. Both the members of the museum curatorial team and from within the general membership will need to have some training, especially in learning how to access records in different libraries and archives plus past HLF-funded projects that contribute to the new project.

Training will also be required in understanding how QR symbols can be created and formed, and used for insertion in the book and withinj the Deaf Museum & Art Gallery on storyboards.

The British Deaf History Society

Moment of Pride

The BDHS, together with its Deaf Museum & Art Gallery, has relied almost entirely on volunteers to run the organisation and its activities. The Deaf Museum & Art Gallery has recently received top awards for its work, including the SME award for the Best History Conservation Initiative for 2017.

Location: Warrington, Cheshire, United Kingdom