Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The club needs its own supply of training equipment. Last year we secured funds for a storage facility so that any equipment we sourced would be secure but we now need funds to purchase that equipment.

The club provides an opportunity for girls across East Lancashire to take part in netball from u8 to u18. We are an inclusive club providing coaching, training and match play for all abilities from beginners and girls who only wish to play as a means to a healthy lifestyle right up to teams competing at elite levels against the best junior players in the country.

In order to achieve this we need our own stock of training equipment. Not only do we need items directly related to match play (match balls, training balls, new goal posts) but we need equipment for strength and conditioning training. This means we can keep our girls healthy and fit for both netball and wider life.

Its also an important consideration for us that we provide opportunities for sport to a wide section of communities. Training equipment can be expensive and in our older age groups in particular we currently ask parents to provide items such as exercise mats, training balls, resistance bands etc. If we able to fund a club stock of such items it would remove one potential barrier for girls whose families may otherwise be put off by the potential extra costs.

Ribble Valley Netball Club

Moment of Pride

Our club provides opportunities to girls of all abilities but still competes at the very highest junior levels. We provide enjoyment and inclusion but also supply players into super league pathway academies. I am very proud of the small team of volunteers who make this possible.

Location: Whalley