Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We want to provide an outdoor community space in the village that is all inclusive, including activities for older children, adults and families.

We are a small group of motivated volunteers driven to see this project succeed. We have been fundraising for a while but need the injection of these extra Aviva funds to finally realise some key elements of our plan.

We have already raised the funds to create a picnic area, provided fencing and car parking, and developed a planting and maintenance schedule that has seen the field turn into a usable area.

The next phase of the plan is to provide a range of play and fitness equipment and tidy up the entrance - the equipment alone will cost us upwards of £40,000.

We plan to hold a summer celebration in 2018 to officially open the park and new equipment, as well as providing a springboard to start our future plans - including nature trails, BBQ area, community building, group fitness events and anything else our lovely villagers feel the need for, in a beautiful outdoor setting that is to become the focus for the health & wellbeing of the village.

Please help us realise the next phase of our plans!

Acreshort Park Group - Steeple Ashton Parish Council

Moment of Pride

This small group of motivated volunteers are passionate about providing a community space for all our villagers. We are driven to see this project succeed and work hard alongside all other work and family commitments.

Location: Steeple Ashton