Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Blakes Mead is a hosing development consisting 822 homes; 2500 residents, a mix of private, and social housing and diverse population in every respect, together many social issues for example: Social division; anti social behaviour; drugs; disrespect to the environment, all of which will contribute to a continued decline unless addressed urgently. The Blakes Mead Community Association is seeking to tackle these issues .

We would like to combine bringing residents together, education, acquiring new skills and taking a pride in the estate together in a spring/summer campaign. This campaign would be centred around growing food, gardens, cooking and a community show in the summer, laying the foundations for long term improvement

The Blakes Mead Community Association is a non profit organisation that is driven entirely by an enthusiastic group of volunteers determined to bring the community together and make Blakes Mead a better place to live and raise a family.

The project would consist of four elements as detailed below. All of these events are totally inclusive, educational and designed to teach new skills, bring people together and break down barriers between social groups. Further this will help create a happier and more attractive place to live.

1) Children’s Gardening Workshop – Held in the Felpham Community Centre we would have a professional gardener plus volunteers to deliver a practical workshop to children and their parents. The children would be taken through the potting process for seeds and have the opportunity to choose 2 or 3 different varieties to pot. All materials would be supplied including a laminated information sheet as a reference for taking the plants onto the next stage.                                                   
Children would be invited to bring their fruit/vegetables back to the Blake’s Mead Summer Show to get certificates and prizes for the best fruit/vegetables.
2) Blake’s Mead in Bloom, Residents Gardening Workshop – Like the Children’s workshop, this would be held in the Felpham Community Centre and would involve a professional gardener plus volunteers to deliver a practical workshop on hanging baskets, fruit/vegetable growing and how to plan a small garden.
3) Barbeque Workshop – For the outdoor BBQ enthusiasts, a workshop on how to make amazing marinades and sauces, how to smoke meat and fish and to get the best results from your barbeque. Residents would take away reference sheets and would be invited to a BBQ Cook-Off at the Blake’s Mead Summer Show.
4) Blake’s Mead Summer Show – This event would be an outdoor event hopefully, adjacent to Felpham Community Centre. It would feature an outdoor marquee, stalls, entertainment and a culmination of the three workshops. There will be competitions and prizes for the best contestants plus activities for children and adults.

Blakes Mead Community Association

Moment of Pride

I am proud of the steps the association is taking to bring around positive change, which will give children a brighter future, enable the disadvantaged, bring people together and create a better living environment for all.

Location: Bognor Regis PO22 8FG, United Kingdom