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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Kent Search and Rescue would not exist without the dedication of its members - all unpaid volunteers - who spend countless hours (at their own expense) to provide their rescue services to the people of Kent. If this project gains enough votes to win, the funds will be spent on "welfare" items and equipment for the team - including gazebos, lighting, generator, hot drinks facilities, seating, etc - to be used on prolonged searches and training exercises.

Most people are probably aware of Mountain Rescue - the specialist teams that search for, and rescue, injured or stranded walkers and climbers - but there are no mountains in Kent, so it doesn't have a Search and Rescue team, does it? Actually, it does. Kent Search and Rescue (KSAR) is the county's very own Lowland Rescue team. Lowland Rescue teams essentially do everything that their Mountain Rescue cousins do, but instead of mountains, it's open land, woods and forests; beaches, rivers, lakes and streams; residential and industrial buildings and roads; "from hill to high water".

Is a Search and Rescue team really necessary in Kent? Well, every year, around 10000 people are reported to Kent Police as "missing". Those that are classed as "vulnerable" - for example, children; elderly, confused, depressed or suicidal people; those living with dementia or Alzheimer's; or victims of crime - will be in need of urgent help and it's KSAR that is called upon to locate these "mispers" and give appropriate medical attention, before transferring them to a place of safety. KSAR also has specialist flood rescue teams and equipment and is on-call to evacuate stranded people from their homes every winter.

Kent Search and Rescue is always available, 24/7/365 (or 366 in a leap year). With around 80 callouts per year, the total currently stands at 857. KSAR now has around 130 volunteers and uses several different search tactics including foot teams, search dogs, vehicle, boat and bike teams.

So, how much does this virtually unknown emergency service cost everyone? Well, amazingly, it costs absolutely NOTHING! Kent Search and Rescue is a Registered Charity (no.1091181) and their dedicated, highly-trained members are all unpaid volunteers. They train and practise constantly, at their own expense, to be ready to serve whenever the need arises. No wages, no expenses, no government funding - KSAR is funded completely by kind donations from the people and businesses of Kent. "100% Volunteer, 100% Professional".

Kent Search & Rescue (Lowland)

Moment of Pride

KSAR is a completely free resource for Kent Police, KCC and the people of Kent and is there to find "vulnerable" missing people - those whose lives often depend on being found quickly. One day it could be you. Volunteers are not paid - not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.

Location: Kent, United Kingdom