Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our aim is to regenerate and provide a safe play area in the Parish of Neatishead,
compliant with EN1176. This will ultimately provide the Community and it's visitors with
health, social and economic benefits.
Consultations have taken place during 2017 with parents of children in the village and
most importantly the children of the village and local school have been consulted. As a
result of the feedback from these consultations we would like to begin the regeneration
project by providing a Solid wood RoSPA compliant swing combination of two toddler
and two junior swings along with appropriate environmentally friendly safety base.
Further equipment, the children have identified a zip wire and Tower/slide, would be
purchased as we raise the funds necessary
The project is one that is fully supported by Neatishead Parish Council, the Children,
Parents and Staff of the local School and the residents of Neatishead. All of whom wish
to see this very underused and poorly equipped space being used again to the full. A
letter from the Head Teacher of Neatishead Primary School to the Parish Council
emphasises the benefits this project would provide both to the local community and to
the school itself.
Neatishead is a rurally isolated village in North Norfolk. It has a population of 565 as of
the 2011 Census with a local First School population of 41, this figure is rising. Children
above the age of 11 attend the High School in Hoveton four miles away. It also has many visitors.
With the exception of the present poorly equipped and dilapidated play area (photograph
above), there are no facilities for these children to play in the community, to meet and
socialise with or without their families in a safe environment. The village has some
facilities for adults, some provided by the community, others by local businesses. These
include a Village Hall which provides space for meetings, Farmers Markets, a
Community Gym and monthly Cinema. Also there is popular village public house and a
Community Shop. There are however no facilities specifically for Children and families in
the village or within a reasonable distance without having to use vehicles.
According to the North Norfolk Play Strategy 2007-2010 "Play is vital to the development
of Children and Young People". The children of Neatishead, having no local access to
good, safe play equipment are by this definition disadvantaged. Public transport is poor,
almost non existent, and ready access to other play areas is not feasible.
The regeneration of the current play area with quality, safe, play equipment would
provide a facility for children to meet, to socialise and play. This would help enhance
their physical and mental health and well being, would help develop their feelings of
social inclusion and being part of the community. It would provide an area for families to
meet socially, further developing the sense of community and the vitality of the village.
The funding currently being sought is to provide the initial play equipment identified from
the consultation. This focused on what children felt was missing and what they most
would like to see provided. Once these have been installed our consultations have
identified the next pieces of play equipment. These are will include climbing/activity
frame, slide and other popular quality activity equipment. Eventually it is hoped the
village will have an outstanding facility to benefit current and future generations. There
will also need to be continued funding to provide for maintenance and safety compliance
for all the equipment on an ongoing basis.
The total cost of all the play equipment, which includes two toddler and two children's
swings, a freestanding tower with slide, a zip wire and a seesaw complete with delivery
and installation, safety matting and making good the site will be between £28,000 and
£30,000, this will need funding and help from a number of sources to be achieved.

Neatishead Parish Council

Moment of Pride

We are proud that this project is bringing all the community together to meet a real social need. The children at the school have been keen to be consulted and involved, as have parents. The local Pub has offered to host fundraising events and local businesses have been supporting it financially.

Location: Neatishead