Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Birchington Shelters and Amenities Group has obtained a licence to renovate three of Birchington's nine Sea Shelters for the community. The group has raised enough funds to renovate the structure of the shelter on the corner of Hengist Road, but to provide proper shelter from the biting on-shore winds the structure needs to be re-glazed and our funds do not stretch to the glazing at present.
The shelter is situated on grass about forty meters from the sea defences on the North Kent Coast and is used by ; Cyclists, Walkers, Yachtsmen and especially the local community who have donated and raised the funds for the refurbishment.

Birchington Shelters and Amenities Group

Moment of Pride

The dogged determination of the group's members who have battled to get the licence to refurbish these iconic shelters.

Location: Birchington-on-Sea