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Funding level: Up to £1,000


At Development in Action, we believe in empowering young people across the UK to use their voices to engage others in global issues. Global issues affect us all and it’s vital we have a place to discuss and debate these within our own communities to bring about sustainability, and positive social change.

We have an online network of youth supporters aged 18-25 helping us to raise awareness of these issues amongst the public, and identify ways to make a positive difference in our local communities. By writing about global and local issues on the Development in Action blog we help to strengthen community cohesion – something that is important now more than ever.

In 2016/17 alone, we published over 60 articles written by UK youth-writers. From sharing their personal experiences of racism and immigration, writing on key issues such as the environment, human rights and human trafficking to topics excluded from mainstream media, we are one of only a few platforms publishing ideas, opinions and stories about global development directly from the UK youth community. Last year, our articles covered issues such as environmental sustainability, refugee crisis, immigration, sustainability, public health, UK development aid and poverty.

Today’s youth or Generation Z are connected, savvy, and politically and environmentally engaged. Their online connectivity has transformed the way they communicate and interact, and we want to engage in this to support our young leaders of the future to build a better society. See pictures above for some of our current bloggers' bios.

Through our blog, social media channels and website, we are engaging with more than 100,000 individuals throughout the UK annually. We want to strengthen our online platforms to engage more youth across the country to engage in discussion and debate on global and local issues, and to ensure further outreach of their writing.

Development in Action is run entirely by a committee of volunteers and trustees passionate about global citizenship and sustainable development. Our incentives and drive as an organisation are wholly down to our passion for building better communities, for positive and sustainable social change.

We need the support of the Community Aviva Fund to help us fulfil our potential, to grow our online presence, and strengthen our existing platforms to provide our community of writers with greater opportunities to share their knowledge and experience with audiences across the UK.

With £1000, we will:

1) Increase our online presence to increase readership and engage more youth writers through marketing and outreach activities and technical development of the DiA blog. £600 of these funds will enable us to improve our blog functions, make it more user-friendly and increase its outreach so that we can recruit over 20 new youth writers UK-wide, and triple our readership.

2) Develop skills of our community of youth writers via a training and speaker session, inviting established journalists and writers to share their experiences and guidance. £400 of the funding will enable us to cover the costs (venue, catering, equipment, logistics, contribution towards travel) of hosting a training and speaker event, inviting our current 30 youth blog-writers from across the UK to attend.

In total, this funding would allow us to directly benefit at least 50 youth blog writers, and over 10,000 readers, but it will also indirectly allow us to benefit the wider UK society at-large, both now and for generations to come.

By helping to raise awareness of what we do, we will be empowered to work with more individuals, communities and organisations to make a difference at a local, national and global level.

If you are passionate about global issues and positive social change and if you want to build a better, more inclusive UK community, then vote for us!

Development in Action

Moment of Pride

As a wholly youth and volunteer-led group, I am proud of the work that DiA carry out in contributing to social change by educating people to be responsible global citizens. As a former refugee who has faced racial discrimination, the work of DiA is very important to me personally, and many others.

Location: United Kingdom