Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Our playground is very popular and we are looking to rejuvenate and give the area an overhaul. Some of the equipment is over ten years old. Some even over 20 years. We try to maintain the equipment, but it is deteriorating rapidly. Also the wet pour becomes damaged and needs constant maintenance.

There is wooden play equipment which we would like to replace and also bucket swings for the younger children. We have slowly replaced play equipment over the years, but certain items are in desperate need.

The wooden play equipment has been so well used and very popular with all children. There is a certain area under this equipment that children have loved using as their little ice cream shop. We have found something similar so that the younger children growing up in the village can use their imagination and have a life long memory. Many local residents and now the older children mention 'the ice cream shop' under the wooden slide . This has become a very special place for so many people.

Our park is very popular in the summer with the local community especially young mums. As more and more people are using the local facilities in the area we would like for our equipment to be brought up to date to attract more people and hope they will utilize this area more. To make the area more vibrant, fun and colourful.

The recreation area is accessible at all times to all people who would like to utilize this area. We have certain areas for certain pursuits within this area. We are focusing on the play equipment for the age group up to 7 years old.

We would like Aviva to support us in the project and our local community.

Toddington Parish Council

We are passionate to give our recreation area the Wow factor and for the children to enjoy this area and to not have to drive to other local parks. Its a very pretty park and we have recently installed picnic benches. These are very popular, with lots of positive comments received.

Location: Toddington