Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Siddal ARLFC formed in 1922 is one the most successful amateur rugby league clubs in England. The club have 20 teams of all age groups from cubs to masters (over 35's) involving over 400 active players and 150 social members and is a core community club in Halifax. This town has many deprived areas and the club offers an opportunity to all residents in the area to participate in sport as well as offering its facilities to other community groups.
Our project is to bridge a gap that the club continually encounters during the months of September to March. During these months, the club needs a resource to keep all 400 players active, fit and healthy. It currently has to hire at considerable cost local indoor or floodlit outdoor facilities when available to meet the demand of all players to train and keep fit. This is not a perfect solution to our needs.
Therefore, the use of our training area is currently restricted significantly by the light during the winter months. Our site is inaccessible from about 4pm onwards which means we can only offer this facility at weekends.
Purchase of portable floodlights would increase accessibility to our facility by at least 28 hours per week during this time of the year enabling us to fulfil the demand of all our players to continue their health and fitness programmes through the winter. We wish to offer our junior sections of the club use between 4pm and 5.30pm, our youth section between 5.30pm and 7.00pm and our senior section from 7.00pm onwards. The facility would then be available 4 days a week for approximately 6 months giving approximately another 700 hours of training and physical and time
Our priority has a main priority of children and youth sections of the club but a slot will also be provided for seniors.
• Lifestyles choices learned as a child are much more likely to stay with a person into adulthood. If physical activities are a family priority, they will provide children with a strong foundation for a lifetime of participation and good health (AAP, 2013).
• Deprivation can prevent children from participating in physical activity due to the cost of equipment. In Calderdale, the level of income deprivation is 15.6% which is higher than the English average (Local Health, 2013).
• Children who aren’t engaged in physical activity at a young age can find it difficult in later life to participate due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. As a club, we have noticed the importance of instilling confidence in children early so that they feel comfortable in their own abilities when taking part in physical activity.
• Children should have already acquired some fundamental movement skills which contribute to them becoming physically literate. These include having the ability to run with confidence, and catch and throw a ball (Active for Life, 2013). However, not all children have the same opportunity to develop these skills which is often dependent on the level of engagement their parents have had in encouraging these abilities.
• Children who do not participate in regular physical activity are at risk of poor health outcomes. 20.7% of children (at reception) in our local area carry excess weight, with 7.7% classified as obese (Local Health, 2013).
The Siddal Community Club wishes to increase its offers to all and the extra use during winter of our training area will have a considerable impact on Health and Wellbeing of the community. It will make a positive and considerable difference within the community. The project can be easily completed before December 2018 and if funding is successful could be in place early in 2018 with the requested funding.
The club is totally aware of Sport England and the Government's policy to keep people active and healthy and wishes to contribute to this scheme. By securing this funding the club will reduce outgoings for external hire facilities and can reinvest in further projects.
We need your help please vote for our project at Siddal.


Moment of Pride

The Club is proud that this project of further activity will provide all age groups with further enhancements to the existing facilities giving people more physical activity time and wishes to play it's part in Health and Wellbeing. As a major community club it will continue to lead by example.

Location: Siddal, Halifax, United Kingdom