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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Doorstep was founded in 1982 as Adelaide Road Project to help local families in temporary accommodation. Today, operating as Doorstep Homeless Families Project, it now serves between 200-250 people annually who are homeless and in temporary housing for a variety of reasons, including: illness, family circumstances, domestic violence, loss of employment, racial harassment, financial difficulties and refugees.

At present, Doorstep employs the services of 2 Children's Workers who work with the over 100 children living in Camden hostels. Doorstep relies solely on grants and donations from the public to fund these 2 vital positions. We have aspirations to create a new post of Family Advocate to support parents in the future. However, this project would meet a more critical current need to enable Doorstep to fund the two Children’s Workers for one year. The vital services that will be able to continue include:

Play and creative activities for children.


After-School Club

Joint activities with volunteers from partner schools and organisations

Outings and special activities during the school holidays

Healthy snacks & meals

Liaising with individuals in the wider community who provide all the children with personalised birthday cakes

Connecting with local schools who donate age appropriate gifts for all the children at Christmas and birthdays

Through the services that are provided, Doorstep creates a community of growth, healing and a sense of belonging that enables children and families to gain strength and confidence as they engage in society and press forward with their future.

The children and families at Doorstep, who have no space in their hostel accommodation to play or do homework, greatly depend on Doorstep and the Children's Workers. This project would allow their important work to continue for one year allowing the crèches, after-school club and holiday programmes to continue for the children.

It’s a hyper local community based project, satisfying the needs of those families on extremely low incomes who live in small, cramped temporary housing provided by the council. There are often 4-5 people living, cooking and sleeping in one room, with no laundry facilities. Doorstep provides an extension of a safe space for these families, by providing laundry facilities (which otherwise would be prohibitively expensive at commercial launderettes), weekly bazaar's that allow these families free access to clothing and goods donated by the wider community and lastly a safe space for the children to play, study and make friends and a place free of the stigma of living in a hostel.
It’s a one stop shop for vulnerable families.

“I noticed that the relationship between the staff of Doorstep and the families was very personal. Many of the children have single mothers who must work every day and can’t afford babysitters, so the children have nowhere to go. Doorstep fills an important need for these parents and children.” ~ Nir Bhattacharjee (13 year old volunteer)

“I was bowled over by Doorstep when I first walked in. It’s an organisation that obviously has a huge and transformative effect on the lives of the people it serves – there is a community of lonely mothers, unlucky children and stigmatised families who might otherwise be sitting in tiny rooms feeling hopeless, but instead can find light and space and colour and laughter and play – and help, and kindness and company – and this is surely the road back to pride and confidence, getting back into the workplace and the regular world. I think it’s really wonderful.” Victoria Coren Mitchell (Supporter)

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Doorstep Homeless Families Project

Moment of Pride

Specific differences we've consistently made for the children over the last 3 yrs are:
75% experienced significant progress in reduced isolation
71% showed significant progress in increased confidence with learning activities
75% demonstrated significant progress in improved communication skills

Location: 13A Broadhurst Gardens, London, United Kingdom