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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We have recently held a campaign for free neutering and microchipping of cats and kittens across the borough, working closely with local veterinary practices. This was very well received, with many owners and cats taking advantage of our offer. We do not have sufficient funds to continue with this free campaign ourselves, although there is a great need for it in the area. Although we currently offer reduced price neutering/chipping we find that we are not reaching all those in the community who genuinely need help with this as they cannot afford even the reduced price. Wigan borough has several areas of great deprivation and there is a huge problem with unneutered cats having repeat litters. There are far more cats and kittens than good homes available, so sadly they often become strays and their litters are feral. They lead miserable lives and can cause problems in the neighbourhood. Unneutered cats fight more and can spread disease. They are more likely to wander and caterwaul. Our volunteers help where we can, rehabilitating and rehoming stray cats. We also have an active programme of trapping, neutering and returning feral colonies to their area. Unfortunately we are fighting a losing battle with stray cat numbers, as the only way to solve this is to deal with the problem at source - the cats that have homes but have not been neutered and produce unwanted litters, often repeatedly. We have done part of the job with our previous free neutering scheme, but if we can secure additional funding this would enable us to do much more.

We also actively encourage the microchipping of all cats. Many of our volunteers (along with veterinary practices and other rescues) have microchip scanners to help with the scanning of strays, cats involved in accidents and deceased cats, and returning them to their owners. Our branch has also purchased three scanners for Wigan Borough Council so that any animals they pick up can be scanned. Microchipping is of great value in reuniting owners and their cats, saving unnecessary heartache.

Any funding that can help us support our helping the local community's cats would b greatly appreciated.

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Atherton and Wigan Cats Protection

Moment of Pride

I am proud to be a volunteer for the Atherton and Wigan branch of Cats Protection. We are very proactive in our community and have an excellent reputation with local people. We are involved in all aspects of cat care and rehoming,and actively promote neutering and chipping of all cats and kittens.

Location: Wigan District, United Kingdom