Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


School for Parents is the only Centre in Nottinghamshire offering specialist Conductive Education sessions for children with physical disabilities and their families. School for Parents enables disabled children and empowers parents. Conductive Education is a specialist teaching approach developed in Hungary that focuses on what a child can do, rather than their diagnosis and what they are not able to achieve. It is a method of teaching practical ways to manage the additional challenges that accompany a disability.
It places parents/carers at the heart of learning by including them in all group sessions so they are able to continue what they have learnt at home. This ensures a truly holistic approach is used with the family unit.
£25k would enable us to provide a Saturday Gym club for 8 children with physical disabilities, aged 5-12yrs to attend for 1 year. We currently have 63 children attending our pre-school service during the week. The children will be offered a place to attend Gym club on a Saturday once they move into full time education. This will ensure they are able to continue to develop the skills they have already learned at pre-school alongside their mainstream education.
Our children have a range of disabilities and challenges including cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, Rett syndrome, genetic conditions and undiagnosed conditions. All these conditions are lifelong and some are degenerative. These conditions present multiple challenges including;
-motor, co-ordination and learning difficulties
-sensory impairments
-difficulty sitting makes it harder to join in with play interactions with peers
-not being able to do things that your peers can has a negative impact on confidence
-poor muscle tone and co-ordination make make safe eating difficult, leading to problems with poor nutrition
-not developing problem solving skills
-parents can feel isolated and have minimal emotional support
-constant medical appointments erodes time with siblings and working partners

Some of the activities we aim to provide may look like physiotherapy, but there is more to it than that. Session leaders and parents help children to make movements in a correct and safe way. Sometimes they use equipment such as plinths or foam rollers, which not only aid movement, but help a child to learn strategies to do this for themselves. There is an emphasis on learning so there is lot's of repetition, practise, songs and visual aids. These activities will make life easier for the children and the families by supporting the children to grow in strength and weight, being able to walk (sometimes unaided) and help dress, eat and clean themselves.
Because the activities are designed to help children problem solve and find their own strategies for day to day life, this gives them confidence. They take motivation from others in the group, copying where they can. This helps promote emotional resilience. It provides children with more alertness, focus, willingness to try new things, more interaction with others and reduced anxiety.
We are one of the few sessions children and families experience that are held in groups. Medical appointments and physiotherapy tend to be 1-2-1. Whilst necessary, families and children learn from each other in groups and build important social networks that are sustained long after they leave us. Including both parent and child in sessions increase the chances of learning continuing at home - the most important place- it also helps families bond and children develop their personalities.

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Rutland House School for Parents

Everyone involved with this organisation works tirelessly to help and support these children fulfil their potential. This team have so much passion and continue to fight everyday to keep this charity going, so these children and these families can access this desperately needed support.

Location: Nottingham