Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are local swimming club at Buckley Leisure Centre with thriving membership of swimmers from aged 8 up to 22. Well supported by Swim Wales Level Coaches and Full Volunteer Committee. Our swimmers compete in many local galas and also national competitions in Swansea. Other galas are held in World Class facilities such as Leeds & Sheffield. These galas are held in 50m pools whilst we train in 25m pool. They all have top championship swimming blocks. We wish to apply for funding to acquire more top quality swimming blocks to help our swimmers achieve parity with other clubs and give them competitive advantage. We currently have 3 blocks and are looking to complete set with 3 more blocks. The swimming blocks x 3 would cost approx £3500.00.

Buckley Swimming Club

Moment of Pride

We are a thriving swimming club with over 90 members. we wish to give all our swimmers all the help and support to achieve their goals with excellent coaching and equipment. We all work for our swimmers.

Location: Buckley