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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Help save bees, butterflies and other pollinators by voting for Urban Buzz! With this funding we will work with local people to create flower-powered havens for wildlife, and get our towns buzzing with life.
In four cities across England – Bristol, Ipswich, Leicester and Leeds - Urban Buzz will transform tired and unused public green spaces into inspiring, bright and colourful places for everyone to enjoy. The £25,000 will enable us to create 100 ‘Buzzing Hotspots’. There will be 25 in each of the four cities, a total of 60 hectares of bee-friendly greenspace. We will sow new wildflower meadows, open hotels for bees, plant blossom-filled fruit trees, and more - providing vital food and nesting places so our bees and other pollinators can thrive.
Our Buzzing Hotspots will be in public areas - such as parks - that everyone can access for free. There will be opportunities for hundreds of people to get involved by sowing seeds, planting flowers and bulbs, and building bee hotels. To make sure the Hotspots flourish and benefit both people and pollinators for years to come, we will work with local organisations, schools, colleges and friends of groups, and teach these groups how to look after the Hotspots long term.
Our bees, butterflies and other insect pollinators are in trouble – their numbers have declined dramatically. This is mainly due to the loss of wildflowers in our countryside and urban areas, and the loss of places to breed and shelter. We must do something about this as we rely on these insects to grow crops and to pollinate wildflowers. Without insect pollinators we would not have apples, strawberries, tomatoes and a host of other tasty fruits and vegetables.
Urban Buzz is working with local people to offer a clear, simple and effective solution to this crisis. Urban Buzz will create new habitat for pollinators, providing vital food, nesting places and shelter for them. We will create a network of Buzzing Hotspots to help bees and other wildlife move about our cities. Without this help our bees and other pollinators will continue to decline and some may even go extinct.
With your help we will be able to help our urban bees, and transform dull and boring greenspace into bright and inspiring spaces, buzzing with life.

Successes so far
Urban Buzz Phase 1 delivered 464 Buzzing Hotspots in Plymouth, Cardiff, Birmingham and York, helped by the kind support of the Aviva Community Fund. Across the four cities we enhanced 137 hectares of public open space with wildflowers. Local communities in these cities have been nothing short of incredible in their dedication to the cause. So far, a magnificent 5,722 people have contributed their time and energy to Urban Buzz giving a staggering total of 15,531 hours to the creation of pollinator habitat. We hope that phase 2 of the project will be just as impressive!
In phase 1 we have worked with lots of different people and have had really positive feedback. Susanna Thomas from Rhydypennau Library in Cardiff told us “this initiative has taught the children more about wildlife, planting, vegetables and flowers than anything else we have ever offered and the amount of cheer that the garden has bought is incredible. It’s a real talking point and people love it. Thank you.”
And at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham we helped create a cluster of Hotspots; Antony, the Facilities Manager, said “The Urban Buzz project has been great, providing experience and the chance to bring people together. We have always wanted to do something for wildlife, but hadn’t had the resource or knowledge of what to do that best suits the hospital.”
As well as helping our wildlife, Urban Buzz provides great benefits for people. There are so many personal health and wellbeing benefits from accessing nature, particularly for children. Research has shown that nearby nature reduces the impact of stressful life events on children, such as moving house, being bullied or disciplined

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Moment of Pride

Working with many different people already, from children to people with disabilities to local hospitals and to have inspired them to take action! Already, wildflower areas created by Urban Buzz are busy with pollinators, proof that this project can make a big difference for our local wildlife

Location: England, United Kingdom