Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We have recently taken over a row of rooms in a long derelict office block on northfied high street.

we want to transform it into an interactive arts space, before and with the local communities.

it also has a chunk of grassland behind its car park that we shall turn into a community garden that'll also providehomegrownfood for our monthly pay-as-you-feel cafe, plus with a "maker space"shipping container studio it.

Northield Arts Forum

Location: Northfield, Birmingham, United Kingdom

We work for, by and with our local community to help each us thriven our creativity. we the thearts(and food!)to bring together people in a safe, compassionate, passionate space to grow wit each other.

We see how beautiful things can be and work make them happen. We love northfield.
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