Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


We are Newcastle Roller Girls. We play a fast-paced, full-contact sport on roller skates: Roller Derby.

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Our league began in May 2009.Since then, we have grown to include three teams: our A team, The Canny Belters; our B team, The Whippin’ Hinnies; and our C team, The North Cs. Roller Derby is an entirely inclusive sport, and due to its diversity, attracts a huge demographic of people. We have also begun to invest in the future of the sport, by developing a Junior League, which has attracted a lot of interest from the local community.

Last year we applied for, and were kindly granted the funds from Aviva, to allow us to host our own international event: EuroClash 2017. As a league, we worked hard together to run the event and it was a huge success, putting our training and game venue, Walker Activity Dome, on the map in terms of its ability to host large-scale international events of this kind.

Following the success of our event, we have had enquiries flooding in from the Roller Derby community asking for information on EuroClash 2018, many from within the UK, but also from teams throughout Europe and from as far as the USA and New Zealand!

Due to the ranking system within Roller Derby, without incurring huge costs of flying a team to the USA, European teams rarely get the opportunity to increase their ranking high enough to access play-offs – the very highest, ‘world championships’ level of Roller Derby. By hosting the event last year, we were able to offer 10 teams the opportunity to boost their ranking, 5 of which were able to use their success to enter into Division 2 play-offs; a great achievement!

Our own A team, The Canny Belters, have worked incredibly hard this year, playing some tough opponents, and we have climbed the rankings to reach number 82 in the world!

We are applying to Aviva again this year to help us host EuroClash 2018. We learnt a lot from hosting EuroClash 2017, and are determined to use our success to make this year’s event bigger and better!

Walker Activity Dome has been our home since we first formed in 2009, and its location, facilities and size, make it the ideal venue to host events of this scale. This year we would like to use the facilities again and continue to work with the community, helping generate more income into the local area, and raise awareness of the great venue Walker has on its doorstep!

We continue to hold a community presence and support the local community. We aim to source our needs locally, whether it’s a box of bananas for game day from a local grocer, or printing our merchandise and bout programmes via local businesses. We also donate tickets to our events to local charities. Whether this gives the receiver a fun day out, or inspires them to take up a sport or join the league; we hope that it is of benefit.

Euroclash 2017 brought hundreds of visitors to the area, and with our experience gained from it, we are looking to increase this number next year.
Whether the visitors are skaters, volunteers, fans or officials, they will all require somewhere to stay, eat and drink within the local community.

We are applying to your community fund for support with the costs that hosting such a large-scale event will incur. We recruit a big team of volunteers to help the event run smoothly. Venue hire alone costs £3000, and to ensure everyone’s safety we require medics to be in attendance throughout the 2 days. To cover these costs, we are applying for an additional £2000.

Any assistance you would be able to offer would be greatly appreciated by the league. We hope that by hosting such a large-scale, inclusive event within Walker that we can bring visitors and money into the local community, and have the Walker Activity Dome recognised as the excellent venue it is, in turn attracting more events.

Newcastle Roller Girls

Moment of Pride

The league is growing every year which can be put down to the supportive, inclusive, welcoming atmosphere we all generate for anyone who has any form of contact with us. We are of great community benefit, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the coming years.

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne