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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Spectacular STEM! is a one day event designed to bring Science to life for children. Each year the school's volunteer Librarian runs an exciting event, to bring the books in the library to life, this time we are focusing on STEM and bringing together children and parents to have fun with Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering.

This exciting event will bring together professionals in their fields - Astronomy and Space, Engineers, Physicists and more, to run a series of mini workshops over the day for participants to engage in. There will be talks and projects, science experiments with (controlled) explosions and eruptions, that cannot fail to engage these future Scientists, Inventors and Creators. Come and join us to discover how Science affects our daily life, take part in innovation challenges for alternative energy sources and learn about green energy. Meet our Biology expert for a session on the importance of plants to life on Earth, and team up for an Engineering project to blow your mind!

For this special event the school will be throwing open the gates to all who wish to attend, bringing the local community and families together for some fun and learning. We are applying for the Aviva Grant as with the funding we would be able to deliver a greater level of immersion, with specialist equipment, as well as being able to keep the entry costs low for the families who wish to attend.

Thank you for reading our submission, we hope you agree that this event would inspire children to love learning. Through these annual events we hope to engage the children in the wonderful world of knowledge and excitement that can be found within books, and the money raised will help us to provide exciting new reading material for everyone to enjoy.

So vote for Spectacular STEM! and join us for a BOOM, CRASH, BUBBLE, GROW and LEARN kind of day!

Friends of Potters Gate School

Moment of Pride

The Friends of Potters Gate School are an enthusiastic group of adults, committed to improving the lives & opportunities of the children in the school. As an organisation they are passionate about impacting the wider community and members regularly volunteer outside the school in the community also

Location: Farnham