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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Street Connect reaches out to some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people in Glasgow, providing personalised and long-term support to help them break free from life-controlling issues. We support vulnerable individuals who are homeless, dealing with addictions, suffering from mental health problems and who have other life controlling issues. This includes those in prison and ex-offenders.

Our concept is to go out into the streets to reach out & meet people, chatting, handing out food and fliers and using our outreach cafés as a focal point from which vulnerable people can access further help. Most people we help come to us directly through our outreach and some are referred by family members. To help our clients reach for hope & freedom from their life controlling problems we offer one to one support, community recovery groups, community detox services, referrals to residential rehabilitation programmes and aftercare support. In 2016 we benefited 486 individuals with tailored support and made 1814 interventions on the streets and through our outreach café.

We started out with a cafe in Glasgow City Centre based at Glasgow City Church, reaching out mainly to homeless individuals. There is a difficult story to every case – histories of deprived childhood, childhood abuse, marriage/relationship breakdown, illness and job loss combined with still current physical & mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse. Many have got caught up in petty crime along the way, some in violence and some have been in prison.Their needs start with basic food, warmth, hygiene and acceptance. Then if people wish to engage with us beyond answering these initial needs we can start to help them tackle the more complicated issues in their lives and support them on their journey of hope. Many have tried to get clean & stable before & failed, but our holistic approach resonates strongly with people who have been on a disjointed and fragmented journey.

This year (2017) we opened 2 new cafes, 1 in Possilpark in association with Clay Community Church and the other in Govan in association with Govan Free Church, reaching out to people living in areas of multiple deprivation - a combination of poverty & debt, poor living conditions, unemployment & education issues, all leading to the hopelessness, mental health issues and also peer pressure which can funnel people to drug & alcohol dependency. The new cafes serve very much as local drop in centres where our 1-2-1 meetings can take place in the local community. As the majority of our clients come for help as a direct result of outreach activities, outreach is vital to our work. We're looking for funding for an outreach worker for the calendar year of 2018. In the first 3 months he would work for 8 hours a week, but we hope that by April we can increase these hours to 20h/wk.

Here is what some of our clients have to say:
"When I came to Glasgow I was in a bad place, and ended up in homeless accommodation. The support I have received (at Street Connect) has been phenomenal and I love the relaxed atmosphere" Andy

"I had lost everything, house, family, partner and my job and turned back to drugs after 6-7 years clean. The outreach team met me begging on the streets of Glasgow and showed me kindness. I started meeting (SC staff member) on a 1-2-1 basis and then he arranged to get me into rehabilitation. I now don't smoke, drink or take drugs and have a chance to help others who are where I once was.” Steven

"The bridge to freedom community recovery program was a great help to me. The teachings are very good, with added support and 1-2-1 sessions from the Street Connect team. I would recommend the program to anyone wishing to get & stay clean." Wullie

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Street Connect

Moment of Pride

I'm really proud of Street Connect because I can see the evidence of lives transformed before my eyes. Spearheaded by a young couple who have themselves made the journey from addiction to recovery, they're determined to pass on that hope to others. Their care & enthusiasm is contagious.

Location: Glasgow City, United Kingdom