Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


One of the things that slows down the irreversible progress of dementia is keeping the mind active. There are various forms of mental stimulation, including puzzle-solving and quizes. We have found that a very effective method is through learning to use an iPad. It may seem strange to be introducing mostly elderly people to advanced technology but they love it!
Sessions are held at our weekly social clubs at various locations around the borough of Sandwell and theses sessions are popular and well attended. The professional tutor works directly with our members and gives assistance as necessary. conversation between members of the group is stimulated and this also is therapeutic.
Each iPad session cost £45. Funding for 50 sessions (£2,250) would be wonderful!

Better Understanding of Dementia for Sandwell

Moment of Pride

The improved quality of life which we bring to people experiencing dementia and their families/carers. We are especially proud of our team of volunteer befrienders who go into people's homes and also help with running the weekly social clubs.

Location: Sandwell District, United Kingdom