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Wateringbury Football Club was formed in April 1996 when club founder Nigel Newick became
frustrated by seeing children side lined by the team his boy played for. Whilst Managers picked their "best" player, he recognised that children improve their skills tremendously by being given time with the ball.

The Clubs philosophy is to provide children with that opportunity, rather than just have them sit and watch the rest of the team play. The founding principles were simply that if you join the club you get to play! This statement remains at the heart of the club’s approach today.

Being fair to ALL children in our teams doesn't stop us wanting to win, or regularly doing so. Wateringbury teams have enjoyed good success over the years; we have won cup finals, Leagues, tournaments, but more importantly, the children have had great fun and make many new friends.

The club also held it’s first Football Festival in May 2017 to celebrate “20 Years of Football in Wateringbury!” This was a fantastic success, with 34 teams taking part in total, providing football and entertainment for over 350 boys and girls. This would not have been possible without the army of parent volunteers and the support of the local community. Whether it was cooking burgers, serving drinks, first aid duty or simply cheering the teams on. It was a wonderful day and a real community event, which due to its success is now going to be an annual event!

Without doubt, the most important thing has been the introduction of the ‘training’ academy whos numbers have steadily grown week by week and from that we are able to field 4 junior teams, in the 2017/18.

Our Mens 1st team, which is still going strong and gaining promotion by winning their Kent County League.

The club secretary has worked tirelessly over the last couple of years to try and get the club FA Standard Charter Affiliated. His efforts were rewarded when the club finally achieved this status in March 2017. This is a huge achievement for a small village club such as ours. Hard work and dedication from the current committee and coaching team has been well rewarded and demonstrates our dedication to providing sporting facilities for local children.

As a ‘not for profit’ club, the majority of funds are raised through annual subscriptions of just £140 per child with the Academy being just £60 per year. In return, each child receives full match kit, training shirt, track suit bottoms and Hoodie. In addition to this, we have league fees, pitch fees and referee fees to pay. Plus first Aid and Safe guarding courses for the coaches and committee members. We have been fortunate to secure some fantastic sponsorship this season, with a £1000 donation from Match Magazine! All other funds are raised by hosting events and parents cooking burgers, hot dogs and serving beverages at home matches!

To complete our FA Standard Charter Affiliation, all our 5 coaches need to attend FA Level 1 coaching courses by the end of this season. This will only benefit our children further and help to raise the standard of football played at the club for generations to come. This will cost the club £850.00 (£170 per coach), which is funds we simply do not have.

As all our coaches tirelessly give their time on a voluntary basis, it would be great if the Aviva Community Fund could donate £1000.00 to cover the cost of these courses.

I’m sure you will agree that the children of Wateringbury benefit greatly from the Football Club, which offers great sporting opportunities and a chance for children to shine outside of school in a safe environment that enables them to establish firm friendships in a sporting manner!

Wateringbury Football Club

Moment of Pride

It is a truly wonderful site seeing all the children either playing matches, training or learning those all-important early skills in the Academy. Supported by an army of volunteer coaches and parents cheering them on. Its a real community event which the children clearly enjoy and thrive on!

Location: Wateringbury