Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


DSAchieve is currently a small unincorporated association which has been formed by parents of children with Down Syndrome in Hertfordshire. It started life when these parents organised a family meeting within their local area. As the meeting was so well attended, the organising group realised that there was a huge demand for further family services and set about creating a new, locally-based charity to provide that. DSAchieve's Mission is "Empowering Families, Fulfilling Potential".

DSAchieve is therefore now being converted from a small informal parent-run group, into a Community Interest Organisation. The CIO wishes to establish a formal, structured teaching & training programme for the children themselves, and their parents, carers and professionals which will empower them to support their children. This teaching and training is desperately needed to enable children to succeed socially, within their early years environment and to enable them to access mainstream schools along with their siblings and peers. The local authority has limited resources and therefore DSAchieve will provide an invaluable additional service to local families who otherwise struggle to access this support.

DSAchieve has a strong trustee body including a specialist advisory teacher for Down Syndrome & other Trustees with specialist knowledge relevant to training parents & professionals. The Trustees will personally develop and deliver this training, alongside other professionals. It will be available to both families and teaching staff from the local area, meaning that children across the county will benefit from this support. The funding requested will be used to secure resources and premises required to deliver the training, and funding for families to attend.

DSAchieve's Mission is "Empowering Families, Fulfilling Potential". Establishing this teaching and training is an invaluable step forward in achieving this .


Moment of Pride

DSAchieve ensures that families are empowered to enable their children with Down Syndrome to fulfill their potential.

Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom