Funding level: Up to £1,000


S.H.I.P. supports children and young people with additional support needs in Perth and Kinross to access leisure and recreational activities within their community whilst providing parents, carers and siblings much needed respite. S.H.I.P. is a unique service in the area as it supports children with any additional support need to participate in recreational activities. This support is delivered through a variety of clubs. We are looking for funding to continue running our Saturday Club for 16 sessions of 3 hours for up to 15 children per session.
Saturday Club is designed according to the children's interests and needs. It runs from purpose built facilities which include an indoor sensory garden, adjustable cooking facilities and sensory room. There are a range of activities to choose from such as messy play, cooking, art, playing outdoors and relaxation. We theme our clubs according to the time of year, for example during our Saturday Club in December we will have a Winter or Christmas themed day.

S.H.I.P is supported by over 100 dedicated volunteers, the majority of whom are at secondary school. They undertake an extensive training programme to equip them with the skills needed. The volunteers support the Saturday Club to enable S.H.I.P. to provide specialist one-to-one support for all the children and young people with additional support needs. They build strong, trusting relationships and provide a unique peer environment for the young people who attend.
S.H.I.P. has created an ethos of inclusivity and fun where everyone is accepted for who they are. Our Saturday Club enables the children and young people to develop friendships and skills to enable them to be part of the community. The friendships developed help the children and young people to build their confidence and self-esteem and integrate into society. This also helps the children and young people to reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation.
The Saturday Club has multiple benefits. Not only do the children and young people benefit, it also allows parents, carers and siblings to have a break from their caring role, enabling them to relax, spend time with the rest of the family or friends or to carry out simple activities such as household chores and food shopping which can be incredibly difficult when looking after a child with additional support needs. These families can feel isolated and excluded and, in particular, many of the siblings may miss out on opportunities which other children can access. Giving the families a break enables them to do things that they may not otherwise be able to do. The volunteers also hugely benefit from their role. Not only do they learn skills for future careers, they also develop confidence and build new friendships.
S.H.I.P. strives to improve quality of life for children and young people with additional support needs and their families in Perth and Kinross and £1000 would fully fund our Saturday Clubs for a year and make an incredible difference to the lives of our families.

S.H.I.P. - Support, Help and Integration in Perthshire

Moment of Pride

S.H.I.P. makes an incredible difference to so many lives, both children with additional support needs and their families. The committed volunteers ensure that everyone feels included and everyone is accepted for who they are. S.H.I.P has been described by a parent as 'a lifesaver for us'!

Location: Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom