Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


Staunton Harold Sailing Club has an ongoing objective to encourage people of all ages and abilities to take up the sport of dinghy sailing. To meet this objective, the club has invested significantly in promotion, training, volunteers, facilities, and equipment, and as a result, has seen substantial annual increases in membership, and has received a number of major National Awards.

The club has developed a program to work with local disability care organizations to encourage and introduce the disabled in our community to the sport. We see this project to be within the guidelines of the new sport strategy of the UK government and Sport England.

We have been providing sailing opportunities for disabled children from our region for many years through a special annual day. Over the past two years we have been holding monthly sailing sessions for the disabled through the summer. This year we have run 7 sessions which were attended by typically 24 children at each session. We also encourage siblings and parents to join in with either sailing activity, powerboat activity or onshore activities. Whilst this has been an obvious success, we have been having to use our club facilities that are designed for the able bodied with their obvious disadvantages for the disabled, and by relying on the generosity of others who very occasionally lend us specialised equipment.

So to allow us to be completely self sufficient and unrestricted in our objective of providing such opportunities to the disabled, we have created the “Staunton Harold Sailability Trust”, an inclusive and sustainable organization, and registered Charity, to manage and develop our own facilities and training for the disabled. This permanent organization is managed by a number of knowledgeable and experienced trustees from within our club and from “Umbrella”, the established and well respected organization for the disabled in south Derbyshire. Whilst located Staunton Harold Sailing Club, The Trust will be self supporting financially and run entirely by volunteers, working closely with local organizations and the Royal Yachting Association Sailability program. All the planning, training and maintenance of boats and facilities will be done by skilled and knowledgeable volunteers who have significant pride in their work with the disabled.

To allow us to get this new organization up and running we are in urgent need of funding for the purchase of equipment and working facilities for the disabled. We confidently expect initial active participation of between 100 and 120 individuals as soon as we have these basic facilities and equipment in place.

This application for funding is specifically to help with the provision of facilities for the disabled within the existing sailing club environment which include specialized changing and toilet rooms. These facilities are absolutely necessary for the future success of the “Staunton Harold Sailability Trust” and its members and participants. They help us to fulfill all the Categories referred to in your application criteria, but most specifically in “ Health and Wellbeing” and “ Inclusivity”. They will allow the necessary independence to our less able bodied sailors and their families and will allow a welcome integration for them into the main club and the sport of dinghy sailing.

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Staunton Harold Sailability Trust

The Trust and all associated volunteers are proud to provide the opportunity for disabled children and young adults, together with their parents, carers and siblings, to experience sailing and power boating so they can actively take part or can just enjoy a sensory session afloat or onshore.

Location: Staunton Harold Reservoir, Melbourne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom