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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Golden Hill Sports started the girls cricket programme in 2015 in a response to the local community's need. In the first year 13 girls took part, in 2017 52 girls between the ages of 8 and 16 were part of the thriving club section.
Success on and off the field has already come the girl's way with a victory in the Lady Taveners Under 11s soft ball tournament in 2017; an appearance on BBC Points West and 30 of the squad being mascots for the New Zealand v Australia Women's World Cup match held at the Brightside County Ground.
Rapid growth has lead to significantly increased cost. Providing coaching to ensure structured development and sufficient equipment for all the girls to be able to play and train effectively has required significant investment. It is the policy of GHS to charge the lowest possible annual subscriptions to ensure that as many families as possible can benefit from using the GHS facilities.
In 2018 the ambition is for more girls to progress from Kwik Cricket to playing hard ball cricket, which will require GHS to provide more bats, balls, gloves, pads and helmets than ever before as well as supporting another coach to obtain ECB level 2 qualification.

As a result GHS are applying to the Aviva Community Fund for £1,000 to partly fund the requirement for equipment and coaching development for the 2018 season.

Golden Hill Sports

Moment of Pride

Providing a safe and enjoyable environment for young girls to participate in sport is a real passion for GHS; seeing the girls develop in both cricket ability and their personal confidence through team sports is amazing.

Location: Bristol