Skills for life

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


ASD Rainbows is a new charity that provides services to children with autistic spectrum disorder A.S.D) and has only been established this year. We have received funding from children in need to provide an after school club for children aged 5+ with Autism. We also run a day provision providing therapy to children from the age of 2 years that is funded by parents.
ASD Rainbows are seeking funding to extend their service to provide a parent/child session once a week. The session will be delivered by a team of highly experienced professionals that have over 16 years of experience within the field of Autism. The session will be aimed to help children with autism/communication difficulties learn strategies that will give them skills for life. We will focus on communication, toileting and behaviour/anxiety issues. We will work closely with parents to help them to support their child in the best possible way. By supporting parents we can help these children develop skills that will have a huge impact on their future. Children on the autistic spectrum find communication and socialisation a huge challenge and we will demonstrate strategies that parents can adapt to help their child. These strategies will include the use of augmentative communication systems e.g. P.E.C.S (picture exchange communication system) Makaton (sign language) and proloquotogo (communication app on iPad/tablet). Families of a child with autism can often become very isolated within their communities due to the needs and challenges of their child. We aim to not only support the child to develop life skills but also to give parents the opportunity to meet other families in the same situation as themselves therefore alleviating loneliness by encouraging friendships within the group.

Asd Rainbows

Moment of Pride

ASD Rainbows is a new charity that has been established this year. We currently have an after school provision that is funded by children in need. It fills me with pride to see the impact that our service has had on children and their families and we are determined to reach out to more families.

Location: Aberdare