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Funding level: Up to £1,000


At Raglan we are passionate about learning and we are keen to take our learning outside to make it engaging, stimulating and fun. Our bid is for funds to help us transform our school field into a Wilderness Outdoor Experience.

The Raglan Schools are made up of Raglan Infant (including Nursery) and Junior schools and are based in Enfield, North London. We have recently received a ‘Good’ OFSTED rating. There is a strong sense of community and many parents, grandparents and even teachers attended the school as children. We have ex pupils and community members who continue to support our fundraising efforts.

We are a large school with approximately 900 pupils in 28 classes, with a diverse intake of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Many children speak English as a second language.

The Raglan Schools Association (RSA) is for parents, carers and friends of the school to fundraise for goods and services that can support and enhance our children's education, while helping to build a sense of community around our school. These funds are used to provide things which cannot be afforded through the school budget.

The children, parents and staff get involved in running annual Christmas and Summer Fayres. We organise easter egg hunts, raffles, family dances, second hand uniform sales and a quiz night which is organised and compered by our headteacher.

Over the years the RSA has used the funds raised to provide the school with Chrome books, nursery and early years playground equipment and supplies for a School wide Creative Play Day.

We are in the fortunate position of having more land around the school than other inner city schools and want to see these areas used to their full potential for play and learning. The school management team have come up with an imaginative and creative plan to transform the field into an outdoor experience that will encourage working together, problem solving and caring for each other and the environment. Plans will incorporate balance beams, rope walks, clamber nets, Robinia Den Village, Stepping Stumps, Explorer Garden, Rain Tunnel and Sitting pods. A mulch path will connect all the stations around the field.

Our school displays a strong commitment to educating the younger generation about the environment and how to care for it. These plans will help to build on an already strong foundation by using natural materials while encouraging bird, plant and insect life.

Our outdoor field experience will expose the children to different learning styles, which will be a great opportunity for those who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment. Evidence has shown that this kind of environment can help increase self esteem and improve pupils’ personal, social and emotional development. It will help to make learning relevant as well as giving pupils an opportunity for fresh air and exercise.

With an increasing rate of childhood obesity, the London Borough of Enfield is among the highest of London boroughs. Latest statistics indicate that just under 1 in 4 children in Enfield are regarded as obese. Our school is aiming to provide a stimulating and changing external environment to encourage outdoor exercise, which can help with brain development and combat against sedentary lifestyles.

Please vote for our project and help us secure the funding to transform our school field. (We've submitted photos as examples of the type of sections we are planning).

Raglan Schools Association

Moment of Pride

We're proud of the close relationship between the RSA and the school and the way it enables us to impact the well-being and education of our children. This project will transform our environment, creating a lasting positive impact on our children's health and education, encouraging more outdoor play

Location: Enfield EN1 2NS, United Kingdom