Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Valence is a unique School for children and young people with physical disabilities or complex medical needs. The school has 100 students, between both Primary and Secondary.

The school is located in Westerham, receives pupils from Kent and nearby counties. Almost half of the students are boarding from Monday to Friday.

Valence offers the National Curriculum, differentiated to meet the needs of individual students offering high levels of support and therapy alongside innovative and creative teaching approaches. The goal is to enable meaningful independence for all students.

The school’s aim is to provide each child or young person with the skills, knowledge and understanding to enable them to achieve their full educational and personal potential and allow them to become as independent as possible.

Valence school needs a small transport, to accommodate one or two wheelchairs, with the necessary adaptations. Every week students need to attend Doctor’s appointments in London, Dentist appointments and/or College Visits. Currently the school has an old transport, which needs tons of love and care and it’s not reliable enough to take the children out anymore.

We work in many fundraising events during the year, and winning the Aviva Community Fund Competition will help us reach this goal, and allow children attend their appointments in a safe vehicle. The competition will make us work together.

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Moment of Pride

At Valence School all children are taken care and are respected. Students do an amazing effort every day, and so does the staff. Having the chance with Aviva sponsorship to reward them with such a necessary equipment will make their lives better.

Location: Westerham