Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Riverbridge have a store cupboard ripe for transformation, and the students have thought about a design which would celebrate a literary area as well as being an immersive space.

The cupboard is actually a room divided into two sections, and their vision is to turn this 2.5 x 5m room into Narnia. Children would climb through a wardrobe front door, through some fur coats and enter a snowy forest scene. In the second space would be Mr Tumnus's house, a small rural kitchen.

The space would be used for both interventions (supporting children who need a different environment to a classroom to work more effectively) as well as an immersive experience for other children who want to be transported to another place. We have a team of teachers and willingtf parents on board who are willing to help build this venture, and now need the funding to pay for various items.

Riverbridge Primary School

Moment of Pride

The school is determined to give their children a rich and exciting curriculum, filled with experiences and opportunities to enable them. The enthusiasm of the staff is palpable; they now need some financial support to enable this project to go ahead.

Location: Staines-upon-Thames