Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Alternatives is a small local charity that has been running now for just over 8 years and has many different functions to it. What we as an organisation would like to see better funded is our amazing Baby Clothes and Equipment Library. This project is something that is open to general public, however it is aimed at parents (whether it be 1st baby or subsequent) who may be struggling financially and in need of extra support. What we provide is essentially a library of children's clothing from 0-5years (all donated by the public) and every type of baby equipment e.g. pushchairs, highchairs, cots etc that could be needed. We don't charge the families that are in need of this service, we offer everything free of charge. We appreciate as a charity that having a child planned or unplanned can be extremely financially and emotionally overwhelming. We offer a confidential space for our clients to talk and to get all the equipment they could possibly need without having the burden of finding the money for it. The system is simple in many ways and we are trying to promote a recycling attitude with our clients. That once they've finished with an item borrowed from the library, providing it is still in reasonable good condition to return it and allow another family the same opportunity they had. The service is run by some of Alternatives most dedicated volunteers and is loved and valued by all our clients.

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Moment of Pride

To see a family that is financially struggling at the thought of having to buy expensive baby equipment and clothing for a child, literally take a massive sigh of relief at what Alternatives has to offer. Volunteers here are so dedicated and compassionate and offer that vital support needed.

Location: Stamford