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Phoenix was formed in 1978 by a group of 6 women who wanted to sing in four part unaccompanied harmony. We now number nearly 80 members, aged from 24 to 74; women from all walks of life, among them educators, health professionals, administrators, housewives, legal professionals, and therapists. The one thing we have in common is our huge passion for singing.

Throughout the last 30+ years we have won an impressive array of awards and medals both at home and abroad, but we have never sat on our laurels. We work hard to continuously improve our knowledge and skills in the art of a cappella singing.

We are all divas at heart and we love the opportunity to let the diva out as often as possible. We hone our skills with performances to a wide variety of audiences in venues large and small - from the Albert Hall to the local village hall - and we pride ourselves on our professional approach to all our contests and performances.


We are dedicated to having fun and sharing our love of singing and performing.
Everything we do is in the spirit of Phoenix: We are a supportive, inclusive, welcoming team. We are mutually respectful and we strive for excellence.
We join together to share friendship, experience the joy of creating music and to explore our potential.

As a group, we aim to be:

• Ambassadors and leaders for harmony singing and performance
• Recognised nationally and internationally as world-class performers
• A polished, professional, entertaining singing group

As individuals, we aim to:

• Empower, challenge and trust ourselves to identify, utilise and develop our skills and
• Contribute to chorus life

When engaging with others outside chorus, we aim to:

• Be professional, organised and respectful
• Inspire and promote a love of singing and harmony
• Encourage and support people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in singing or
performance activities


• We regularly provide free singing programmes - open to all women, singers and non-singers
• We support a charity chosen annually by the members. This year’ charity is the Myeloma UK
• We sing at charity fund raising events
• We have an ‘Angel Fund’ to help members in financial difficulties with their chorus expenses
• Members regularly attest to the help and healing they experience from singing with the
chorus, especially at times of personal hardships.

Project Video

Phoenix Chorus

Moment of Pride

Our Musical Director inspires everyone to work hard to achieve international success whilst enjoying fun and friendship.
As a singing member of Phoenix I can personally attest to the support and healing I have experienced at times of bereavement and personal hardship. It’s better than any therapy.

Location: Potton