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Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


It is widespread and is in all communities – people don’t know what’s right in front of them, or how to spot the signs. (Assistant Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney, ACPO lead on Migration and Associated Matters 2013)
The objects and aims of the of Cheshire Anti-Slavery Network CIC recognise the above quote, and endeavour to build communities in which Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking are not tolerated. In particular they seek:
- To advance awareness of modern slavery, thus combatting those engaged in this trade;
- To work collaboratively with all other agencies involved;
- To promote the development of effective arrangements to protect and support potential and actual victims;
Modern Slavery takes many forms. These include:
- Sexual Exploitation and Forced Prostitution
- Forced and bonded Labour
- Forced Begging
- Forced Criminality including drug related crime
- Sham Marriage
- Child Slavery
Home Office figures suggest that there are at least 13,000 individuals currently enslaved in this country - men women and children from many nations, not least the United Kingdom. Cheshire Constabulary reports steadily increasing incidents of Modern Slavery within its area and now has teams of officers specifically focusing on this area of work.
Since it’s establishment in 2015 Cheshire Anti-Slavery Network CIC has worked with many statutory and voluntary organizations, enabling liaison and co-ordination amongst these services and supporting the training of staff to recognize the signs of Modern Slavery. It now seeks:
- to raise the awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking within the community by using an innovative method of providing Pop Up Information Stands in Public Locations. These locations will include Universities, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Train Stations, Shopping Malls, Selected Events, Bus Garages, Ports and others. Links with our partner agencies i.e. Police, Gang Master Labour Abuse Authority, Health Authorities will inform us of trafficking hotspots. We will then provide a bespoke Pop Up campaign in those areas with tailored material and information.

Technology will enhance the campaign and each stand will show awareness films with leaflets and information provided by staff with expertise in human trafficking and victim care. Staff currently provide training to Local Authorities and the NHS and this proposal will extend that by raising awareness in the communities. We have experience within minority and vulnerable communities and the required language skills to build lasting and trusted relationships with them.
To support the Pop Up Stands, we will enhance our website and social media experience to ensure that access to relevant information and helplines continues, as well as useful items such as key fobs, wristbands, and pens etc. with key indicators and helpline numbers printed upon them.
We wish to identify Modern Slavery Champions to continue the campaign for a specified period of time i.e. one month with a stand and material we would loan to them. This would work well in University Campuses, Hospital Receptions and other Public Places with a high footfall.
This yearlong campaign, linked to the wider Pan Cheshire Multi Agency Communications Strategy would be completed by the end of 2018. The funding would provide material for the stands, IT equipment and staffing costs for one year. For this we would seek to apply for £10,000
Results from this will be:
- More victims rescued;
- Provision of victims’ support;
- Increased intelligence and prosecutions;
- More businesses ensuring that there is no slavery or enforced labour

Cheshire Anti-Slavery Network

Moment of Pride

The CASN has been recognised nationally as good practice and has achieved much since 2015. The successes outweigh the size of the organisation including the writing and implementation of a Pan Cheshire Modern Slavery Strategy which Public Sector Organisations including the Police have signed up to

Location: Cheshire, United Kingdom