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Little Eagles Pre-School and After School Club is a small charity organisation located in Nether Alderley, Cheshire, in an annex to Nether Alderley Primary School. We have been successfully running as a Pre-School for over 10 years after originally being set up by a group of local Mums. The Primary School has been on this site since 1620.
We have 21 Pre-School children registered with us, many of them utilizing the government’s 30 hours per week free childcare scheme. In addition to this, most days there are 10 or more After School children using the premises. The long history of a school on this site gives a great sense of tradition, but unfortunately also means some of the facilities are old too. Hopefully not for long!


Over the past few years, our small Pre-School has been successful in raising funds to maintain the facilities, toys and equipment well. We have replaced carpet & flooring, bought computer equipment and taken our children on enriching trips. Until now we have not been able to raise enough funds to upgrade our toilet facilities.
Small children aged 2.5 – 4 are new to learning to use the toilet. The importance of hand washing, privacy and developing independence are all skills learnt during Pre-School years. Building confidence in this fundamental skill is an important part of being a Pre-Schooler and we feel improving our toilet facilities can make a big difference here.


We have managed to secure volunteer commitment from some parents who are plumbers & joiners to complete the work free of charge. We are thrilled but still need to be able to buy the child sized equipment needed to make these facilities great. We hope very much that the Aviva Community Fund can allow us to see our vision come to light.
In the spirit of Aviva, the support from the Aviva Community Fund would allow us to "create a legacy" for all future Little Eagles at Nether Alderley.

Margaret Harris
Charity Director, Little Eagles
N.A.P.S.A.C – Reg Charity 1125353

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Little Eagles Pre School (registered charity name N.A.P.S.A.C)

Moment of Pride

All parents, staff and volunteer committee are dedicated to making a positive difference to the children at Little Eagles. A school has been on this site for nearly 400 years and our entire team are determined to create a legacy future generations can be proud for at least 400 more..

Location: Nether Alderley