Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

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Children Today is a small national charity providing grants for specialised equipment for children and young people with disabilities up to the age of 25. We receive no statutory funding and are reliant upon donations & our own activities to raise much-needed funds that is not available from the NHS but makes an enormous difference to the quality of life of those we are able to help.
One such person is Ellis, a young man with cerebral palsy. Ellis needed a bespoke lightweight electric wheelchair to enable him to take up a place at university and access public transport without the need for a carer. He still uses the wheelchair today and told us:
“Had I not received the grant from Children Today, I would have struggled to successfully move around university & travel by myself as I would have been stuck with a heavy-duty chair that was not specialised for me and was inadequate for my needs.
“Getting around my own home was difficult in a heavy-duty chair, so the lightweight chair that was funded by Children Today allowed me to be a normal young person: to go out with friends without having to think about the impossibility of climbing stairs with a heavyweight chair, to access public transport easily & to travel and study abroad.”
Ellis has graduated and is studying for his Master’s Degree in Barcelona.
Many disabled children & young people are excluded from ordinary experiences that others take for granted & that are crucial for normal development. Some of the most important activities, like spending leisure time with friends or being able to get around (or to) school easily, are often limited restricting their lives making it tough to form relationships and cause a high degree of social exclusion.
Generally, the statutory mobility equipment provided meets clinical needs & largely fails to consider individual, social, educational and developmental needs. We support families with specialised equipment that is not funded by statutory means. Mobility is essential for health, development, independence and emotional wellbeing. We fund equipment that is specific to the needs of the person. This may be a powered all terrain wheelchair for a person unable to manage a heavyweight NHS chair or a walking frame to allow a child more mobility and independence.
Mobility is essential to the development of capacity and independence. Young disabled people who are moving into adulthood need mobility to access training, further education and employment. A powered wheelchair can reduce the need for a young person to be accompanied by a carer and provides opportunities to have a social life and develop relationships.
We receive many applications from children who are unable to get around school or can’t get their wheelchairs under a desk. We hear from young people who cannot access further education or jobs because their wheelchairs are beyond repair & they don’t have the same eligibility for financial support when they reach young adulthood.
Children Today is promoting the theme of mobility, with a focus on access to education, throughout 2018 with our Going Places campaign as we believe education should be accessible to all. Winning the award would enable us to fund more children and young people to meet their full potential, helping them to ‘go places’.
We are receiving requests for items ranging from power packs to adapt basic NHS wheelchair (£800 - £4400), a Powered (£2300 - £24400), Electric (£19000 - £24000), or Lightweight wheelchair (£2600 - £5800) to adapted car seats to enable children to be taken to school (£600)
Children Today will match the £25,000 Aviva award with a further £25,000 dedicated to this campaign to support more children and young people whose inclusion in education is limited by their mobility needs.
By contributing to the cost of equipment, Children Today and Aviva can provide a minimum of 20 grants over the course of the year to increase access to more inclusive education for more children

Children Today Charitable Trust

Location: Chester

We are proud to have over 25 yrs changed the lives of many children & young people, giving them the best possible quality of life by providing funding for specialised equipment. The Going Places campaign will help us make education more accessible for more young people to reach their full potential
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