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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Music for Everyone believes that participation in music making has a significant, positive impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing. We passionately believe that happy, healthy individuals build healthy, resilient communities, and that music making activities should be inclusive and accessible to all members of society.

Our work is supported by over 100 dedicated, active volunteers, and we have a strong track record of delivering creative, innovative, large-scale projects for adults and children, reaching over 2000 people every year.

This project encompasses 2 elements:

1. Music workshops for young people in healthcare settings
MfE is working in collaboration with the Teenage Cancer Trust in delivering a series of monthly 2-hour sessions over a 12-month period at the Queen’s Medical Centre. Music has been found to help cancer patients manage stress and anxiety, communicate their feelings, and ease physical pain. MfE provides two professionals to deliver sessions giving young people the opportunity to play, sing, perform and develop existing musical skills in a relaxed, sociable setting. We hope to roll this project out to other areas, and are currently in discussion with the Nottinghamshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service on a similar project.

2. Singing sessions specifically designed for adults with learning difficulties
Adults with learning disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society. They are at very high risk of social isolation, poor health, and all too frequently feel ignored and forgotten by other people. Sadly, provision of activities that address these issues stops at age 18. Research by our partners ‘REACH’ reveal that their clients want to:
• be heard and respected
• feel happier and healthier
• have friends and feel less lonely
• have a sense of purpose
• feel more connected to their community and the wider world
• have more fun

We believe we have the expertise to achieve these objectives and plug the gap in provision. ‘Open Voices’, our choir for adults with learning difficulties, meets once a week at St Martin’s Church in Sherwood and has proved very popular. Under the guidance of our expert tutors, choir members have the opportunity to meet new people and become part of a welcoming social group through the enjoyment of singing in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment. Our vision is to set up two further choirs in other areas of Nottingham and bring them together for a large-scale performance at a prestigious venue. REACH identified the concert as being particularly appealing to the Open Voices members as an opportunity that would not otherwise be available.

How a grant of £5,000 from the Aviva Community Fund would help MfE:
Limited funding is already in place through the Teenage Cancer Trust, but support from the Aviva Community Fund would enable MfE to:
• provide further resources such as instruments, worksheets, backing tracks and a sound system
• purchase two ipads and the ‘ipad orchestra’ app, enabling the sharing of work across venues maintaining the group spirit of the project when patients are not able to attend sessions
• provide Continuing Professional Development for project leaders

Individual donations enabled the launch of the Sherwood choir and covered its running costs for the first year. Support from the Aviva Community Fund would enable MfE to:
• set up two new choirs in other areas of Nottingham
• increase accessibility by providing travel assistance for those who find it difficult to attend
• purchase a variety of mixed percussion, including shakers, djembes, tambourines, boomwhackers etc
• enrich performance experience by engaging a professional orchestra / band and the use of lighting and sound for the summer concert
• commission special pieces of music for large-scale events

Project Video

Music for Everyone

Moment of Pride

"I have been involved with many choirs, but have never come away feeling so uplifted! Their energy and exuberance is inspirational." Victoria Barlow, Open Voices. "To see these young people inspired and comforted by music is very moving." Ann-Marie Shaw, Teenage Cancer Trust Workshop leader.

Location: Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom