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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Fantasy Cheer and Dance Academy was set up by mother and daughter Natalie and Jackie in a small church hall 11 years ago. The Academy provides the opportunity for people in the York area of all ages to get involved in cheerleading, dance and gymnastics.
Fantasy continues to grow and currently has over 250 members from age 3 upwards, including a team of the Mums!
The Academy is a not-for-profit organisation. A team of volunteers and qualified coaches give up their time to hold nine classes per week, giving young people an opportunity to get active, build confidence and develop their skills.
The club has achieved huge success in recent years, not only in terms of it's membership numbers and what it offers to the local community but also on a competitive level. They were crowned National Grand Champions and two of their members are competing at the Worlds Competition in America next year.
The Academy would like to use the funding to hold a showcase and presentation evening to demonstrate the success of the club and it's members to their local community in York. The evening will give the members an opportunity to perform in front of their families and friends. It will also allow the club to reach out to the community and invite other people to join their team.

Fantasy Cheer and Dance Academy

Moment of Pride

Despite it's humble beginnings and limited resources, the Academy and it's team of volunteers offer members of their local community a fantastic opportunity to get active, gain skills and grow in confidence.

Location: York